Merits and demerits of shod bed

Merits and demerits of shod bed

Shod beds of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers are fashionable today again. And it is correct, except durability in them there are a lot of other advantages.

Today in small ancient towns still it is possible to meet the shod bed made in the past or century even before last. Yes, many short-sighted people have replaced this fine thing with hand-made article from glued shavings and today are sorry about this act, the modern shod bed costs very much.

Merits and demerits of shod bed for the bedroom

First of all it is worth mentioning its durability. It is really thing for ages which is capable to serve at least three-five generations of family. Metal bed increased load is not terrible, from it at it legs will not break, fastenings will not crack.

One more important advantage - beauty. Each shod bed - the unique thing made manually by the professional smith. The shod bed can be ordered on special design. Such smart thing will serve as the real decoration of the bedroom, especially if to add it with shod accessories, for example, candlesticks, small shelves or bedside tables. It is also possible to order from the master pieces of furniture with shod elements.

It is very simple to look after shod bed, moreover, care in usual sense behind such bed is simply not necessary. Unlike analogs from solid wood or chipboard, MDF, on it ugly chips will not appear, it is not subject to influence of insects, animals, the increased humidity. It should be noted also ecological security of such bed.

Shortcomings of shod bed

The qualitative shod bed cannot costs little. It is clear, that the price is derivative of labor-consuming production and also availability of art taste of the master, but if there is a wish to get such piece of furniture, it is possible to find it at the moderate price, however you should not expect uniqueness at the same time.

One more shortcoming - impossibility of installation of such bed in any room. Unfortunately, the double shod bed will frankly encumber too small bedroom. Such bed will be also not the best choice for studio apartments in which the only premises have to serve as both the living room, and the bedroom, and kitchen, and the dining room...

The shod bed is much heavier than beds from other materials therefore I do not recommend to get such bed that who often moves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team