Metal bed – memories of hospitals or new design trend?

Metal bed – memories of hospitals or new design trend?

Residents of Russia standardly used tree as parent material for beds, but a bit later, in the 19th century, metal beds began to enjoy special popularity.

The popularity of beds from metal is connected with their main advantages:

  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Stability and durability;
  • Quiet perception of moisture.

In hundred years the metal double beds have undergone sharp slowdown of the popularity, and it is connected with the fact that they were not exclusive any more, everyone slept on such bed.

Framework of such bed are the steel rods capable not to cave in under the big weight reaching to 160-170kg. Despite of this, bed light on the feet therefore even the most brittle lady will be able to arrange shift in the bedroom.

Many fondly think that metal beds release standardly black color, but it not so. Producers coat them in various colors, - it can be blue, red, violet. As a last resort, you can thehandsalways carry out by painting of such bed. Also modern designers decorate headboard of metal berth with velvet, eco leather, wood and other materials.

Single metal beds to the children's room are fine exit if your child grows at the fidget. If houses you are always met by two madcaps, then it is possible to look for two-story model. The kids very much love such beds.

Councils for the choice of metal bed:

  • When choosing framework, it is necessary to give preferences where more than 6 rails are involved;
  • The distance between each of rails, has to be minimum;
  • If the bed is made of steel pipes, then they have to be wider than 34 mm;

It is unlikely you, having come to neighbors, you will find bed from metal, rather before your look there will be bed from chipboard and MDF. Metal bed is today what will give to your bedroom highlight.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team