Metal grids on windows: shod or welded?

Metal grids on windows: shod or welded?

The metal grids intended for window openings are very popular now. They are established not only for the purpose of safety, but also for dressing of facade of the house. When choosing type of grid it is necessary to weigh all pros and cons.

Metal grids on windows, especially on first floors are important security measure. As, through windows to houses, apartments and office rooms malefactors quite often nestle close! However at the same time it is impossible to assume that reasonable safety precaution made the building similar to prison, the fortress or any other sensitive site. Therefore the grid has to be not only strong and reliable, but also beautiful. Producers offer wide number of metal grids on windows. They are subdivided into two main types: shod and welded.

Shod and welded grids

The shod grid will allow to improve any window, and together with it – all facade of the building. The richness of their types is really inexhaustible. At the request of the customer the pattern of such grid can be made of any elements imitating vegetable or geometrical ornament, figures of animals, monogram, the image of fantastic beings, etc. Widespread elements of jewelry – various "shamrocks" and "peaks". The shod window grate executed by the qualified masters at the high level with smooth bends and magnificent patterns, is true piece of art and is capable to satisfy taste even of the most exacting and exacting client.

The beautiful shod grids put on windows of country house, cottage can give it view of the real medieval estate. And, of course, they will be reliable barrier on the way of fans of others good. There is a lot of advantages at shod grids. Shortcoming at them only one: quite high cost which narrows circle of potential customers.

Shod grids are in most cases produced from steel preparations of square section with sizes of parties from 10 to 16 mm and also round iron rods of various diameter.

Welded window grates simpler, they contain much less decorative elements. Their parts are executed, as a rule, in the form of simple geometrical forms, and cook among themselves. Mainly, welded window grates are established at semibasement or socle windows, that is in those places where there is no need for additional decoration of facade. But they can be applied also to installation at windows of the first floor, especially if the customer is admirer of strict minimalist style. Welded window grates are made of steel corners (elements of frame frames), strips, profile pipes, square preparations and round rods of various sizes. They also provide reliable protection against penetration of strangers. Welded grids in many cases look quite esthetically, and cost always several times cheaper shod therefore they are in broad demand.

Designs of window grates

Window grates, both shod, and welded, are stationary, sliding, oar and removable. The most widespread look – stationary grids. They are established directly in window opening. Without noisy and long work (metal cutting, wrest by means of the winch or other similar mechanism), it is impossible to remove them therefore they are considered as very reliable. Such grids are very popular, they cost not much, are mounted rather quickly and easily. However by rules of fire safety to establish stationary grids on all windows it is impossible. It is necessary that at least one window has been protected by grid of other design (oar, sliding, removable) that at the fire it could play role of emergency exit. Removable grids exterior are very similar to stationary, but are not welded to tightly to the built-in metal pins, and "are put" on long bolts.

They can be unscrewed, but it is long and labor-intensive process.

Oar window grates as it is easy to understand from the name, have one or two shutters which are closed on cut-in or the padlock. In case of need – for example, at emergence of the same fire barring the way to door – they can be opened quickly from within. Such grids are more expensive removable and stationary, however in terms of safety they it is better. At last, the sliding grids which are mounted from the inside of window even at the maximum opening block part of window opening and therefore in premises are used very seldom. In brick and concrete buildings the window grates in most cases fasten on basic (mortgage) pins. These pins are the iron rods with a diameter of 14-16 mm hammered into openings which drill near window opening. The frame of window grate is also welded on speakers after blockage to parts of pins. Certainly, this work should be charged to qualified specialists as from that, how correctly and the window grate has reliably been established, safety of your dwelling directly depends.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team