Method of application of spray paints

Method of application of spray paints

Absolutely new and unusual phenomenon which has come, most likely, from artists and handymen of graffiti - spray paints. Such types of paints have indisputable pluses and usability therefore they have won hearts of people.

Paint is in special barrel with spray. Volumes vary from 200 to 500 grams. It is not obligatory to own professional skills to work with it. Will be enough inspiration and desire to create. Great advantage is the lack of additional stock, such as brushes and rollers. The range of its application is wide in life. It is applied almost on all surfaces, and coloring pigment instantly eats in the processed surface.

Indisputable advantages are the resistance to influence of ultra-violet radiation, bright color gamma and naturalness of structure. The only minus is the impossibility of mixing of several flowers at the same time. The same safety precautions, as well as during the work with any chemicals. When using these paints it is necessary to put on safety mask, gloves, to air the room and also it is obligatory to protect cylinder from influence of high temperatures.

Types of spray paints

Enamel paints. Such paints have remarkable adhesive properties and are used when painting separate parts, for example, of the fridge handle.

Aerosol varnishes. They are universal and are suitable practically for all surfaces and also give dazzling gloss of the processed surface.

Heat-resistant paints. Are used for painting of the heated elements and surfaces, for example, of fireplaces. The temperature threshold of such paints reaches 600 degrees.

Application conditions

Before paint spraying it is necessary to clean the painted surface from greasy spots and dirt. Further it is necessary to stir up barrel and to discipline it in vertical position, at distance of 30 centimeters from surface. For achievement of more saturated tone spray it is worth walking two times. But it is necessary to remember that from repeated prokrashivaniye drips can be formed.  

There is set of the ideas in ornament and improvement of interior which spray paint will help to realize. The affordable price, usability and universality of application - here those invaluable qualities which do it such popular in the people.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team