Methods of disposal of Colorado beetle

Methods of disposal of Colorado beetle

Potatoes are irreplaceable food in human life. Harvests of this culture were always spread in large numbers in kitchen gardens of Russians. However in the world around there are types of living beings which do harm to potatoes. The Colorado beetle is one of the main problems at cultivation of potato cultures.

The Colorado beetle is enemy of potatoes. Such little being can do irreparable harm to harvest. In order that to get rid of it, it is necessary to use several methods.

It is necessary to prepare small amount of the sprouted potatoes tubers. When there are first sprouts of potatoes, these tubers are displayed on all perimeter of landing. Hungry wreckers, first of all, will begin to climb on the rejected tubers. At this moment they need to be collected and destroyed.

It is possible to use and in a different way. For this purpose through each row the early grade sits down. It ascends very first and its sprouts are attacked by bugs. It is necessary only to remove early tops of vegetable together with bugs.

If the kitchen garden small is also not present opportunity to introduce the last way, then it is possible to put on the "short skirt" executed from plastic bottle on each bush. It will be difficult to bugs to overcome this framework, they will slide from it.

It is also necessary to watch closely young tops of vegetable of potatoes. In the presence on it bug, immediately to destroy him. Leaflets on which testicles are postponed by wreckers need to be broken.

Some believe that smells of some plants are unpleasant to Colorado beetles. So, it is possible to use landings near potatoes of garlic, wormwood or fennel.

It is necessary to mention also that there are various chemical compositions which it is possible to sprinkle potatoes. It is necessary to carry "Karate" to those, "Commodore", Corrado. However nobody is insured from negative impact of the chemical compositions on growth of potatoes.

Following elementary rules, it is possible to achieve success in fight against these wreckers and to please itself with magnificent harvest in the fall.

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