Methods of increase in productivity of tomatoes

Methods of increase in productivity of tomatoes

Any summer resident dreams to grow up worthy harvest of vegetables. That efforts were not vain, it is necessary to know methods of increase in productivity.


1. Tomatoes the most widespread vegetable among gardeners. Planting seeds on seedling, be not fond of peat soil, it is often filled with various chemicals. The most normal garden soil is suitable for tomatoes.

2. Sword-play crucial moment. As soon as on sprouts the first real leaves are created, take out sprout from the earth, shake off accurately the earth, cut off third of root. Prepare new capacity for sprout a little more, than was former. Undercutting is necessary for forming of powerful root system. It is necessary to carry out undercutting 2-3 times for the entire period of growth of seedling. After the first sword-play it can be executed, without taking out bush from pot. For this purpose knife the soil up and down.

3. For forming of double stalk it is necessary to execute top nipping. It is important to execute nipping when the second real leaves appear. Doing it during this period, the sprout does not stop the development.

4. The way of division is applied to increase quantity of seedling. Division is carried out usually before landing to the open ground. The bush is cut in half, the lower part with root lands, it has to become covered by new escapes. Tops lower in the container with water, for receiving roots.

5. The ovary for plant the important period, is formed future harvest. Except fertilizing it is necessary to take care of pollination of flowers. For this purpose knock with thin stick on stalk of tomatoes. It is better to do it in the first half of day. At emergence of the first ovary the percussion should be stopped.

6. Practically all tomato bushes expand in breadth. Green material muffles growth of fruits. That it to exclude tomatoes pasynkut, cut off excess escapes. These actions can be made repeatedly during growth of plant.

7. The method of anguish of roots is carried out by summer residents at the end of summer season. At this time part of tomatoes still green, they will not manage to keep up naturally. To accelerate maturing, slightly tighten bush up, tear backs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team