Mint wall-paper: application and combination in interior

Mint wall-paper: application and combination in interior

The gentle and soft shade of fresh mint introduces spring notes, cheerfulness, harmony in interior. In this color it is possible to issue the living room, the nursery, kitchen, the bedroom and even the bathroom. It is important to pick up correctly additions to mint wall-paper – depending on the main idea of the designer contrast or air pastel combinations are possible.

Mint color in interior: features and advantages

Colourists are sure – all shades green perfectly are suitable for decoration of the walls. They give to interior freshness, lightness. Visually increase space, at the same time doing housing cozy. Greens weaken, remove stresses, tone up.

Mint shade – one of the most universal in palette. These light fresh greens with impurity of blue belong to cold range. It is possible to carry to advantages of color:

  • Absolute universality. Mint wall-paper can be opaque or glossy, paper or vinyl. They with success are used for living rooms, halls, bedrooms, boudoirs, nurseries, bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Good compatibility. Color perfectly is in harmony with other shades of cold range and also with white, beige, gray, soft brown.
  • Walls of mint color do the room lighter and spacious, the interior seems air and easy.
  • Gentle cold greens do not irritate eyes, wall-paper long does not bother and well fits into any style, from classical to ecological.

Choosing wall-paper in mint tones, it is possible to experiment with textures and prints. In registration of the room melkouzorchaty and smooth coverings and also wall-paper and large prints or photo printing are successfully combined.

Despite the mass of advantages, mint color has also shortcomings:

  • In placements with lack of sunlight and windows on the North of wall will gain ugly gray subtone, the cold room will become even more uncomfortable. Additions in warm gamma will help to neutralize this effect: pale-yellow, cream, beige, golden.  
  • Some wall-paper changes shade at day and artificial lighting. When choosing it is desirable to evaluate all options and to think over carefully partner colors.
  • In combination with dark furniture (black, dark gray, black-brown) gentle mint walls will look faintly and inexpressively.

Mint in different styles

Mint shades for walls are suitable for the interiors executed in different styles. But especially effectively they look in the rooms sustained in classical, rustic, vintage, romantic spirit. For each direction choose the combinations which are perfectly disclosing the nature of color.

The combination with purely - white, color of ivory, cream is characteristic of classics. Wall-paper with the small drawing in the form of vignettes, imitation of old silk fabrics with silvery or golden motives will approach.

The retrostyle or vintage demands large flower drawings. They can be used for walls, in this case upholstered furniture and textiles have to be monophonic. Opposite option – combination of smooth one-color wall-paper to stuffed covers, curtains, cloths.

Rustical or the country style demands wall-paper in cage or thin strip. On this background the furniture from light natural wood perfectly looks.

Interesting decisions for different rooms: ideas of professional designers

Color of mint perfectly are suitable for registration of living rooms. The real classics – combination of gentle greenish-blue walls with white. Against the background of mint the plaster stucco molding or its imitation effectively looks: ceiling plinths, pilasters, semi-columns. It is possible to use dense vinyl wall coverings under painting with small relief, combining them with coverings with small flower print. One more original course – to paste over mint wall-paper beautiful monograms and white, cream-golden or silver-gray gamma.

The interior in classic style will be added by white or very light furniture in the spirit of rococo or modernist style. Mint walls will become excellent background for the real fireplace or its imitation with candles. The center can be laid out light marble, granite, faience tile.

Mint wall-paper well is suitable for the bedroom, both spacious, and tiny. It is desirable to use silk effect opaque wall-paper, small relief or stains in tone. The wall at bed can be allocated with more dark shade or to add with the appliques coinciding on color with cover or curtains. Mint walls will become pleasant background for light pine, birch, bleached oak furniture. On floor it is possible to lay light carpet. It is better to exclude dark colors partners.

Gentle green tone it is possible to use also in nurseries. They will become fine alternative bothered pink or blue. It is simple to turn the bedroom of the girl into magic castle, having used wall-paper with flower prints in light tones and having added air textiles. Against the background of mint walls the bed with transparent bed curtains, pictures in thin light frames, the elegant dolls seated on shelves effectively looks.

The room of the boy can be stylized in style of the traveler. Wall-paper with the structural drawing will be suitable for it, one of walls can be pasted over with photowall-paper imitating maps. Color of not bleached flax will become the good partner, from similar textiles it is possible to sew curtains, covers, sofa and floor pillows. Interior wattled rugs, chair pear and even will add suspended hammock.

Mint color is useful also in kitchen. Here it is possible to combine different shades of green, having added mint with almond, grassy, turquoise tones. Wall-paper has to be washing, pastes them in lunch zone, spreading walls at work tables ceramic tile. Against the background of walls the furniture in rural or vintage style from interline interval or the wood massif beautifully looks. Walls will decorate decorative open shelves on which place plates, jugs, figurines and even beautiful recipe-books. In such kitchen, houseplants with leaves of interesting form are appropriate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team