Mistakes when landing strawberry to agrofibre

Mistakes when landing strawberry to agrofibre

Landing in kitchen garden, each summer resident hopes for good harvest. There were many materials which assignment is to facilitate care for garden cultures and to achieve big crop. Agrofibre belongs to such products.

Use of agrofilms as substitute of mulch has begun not so long ago. Its advantages before the artificial and natural materials used before have quickly created to it good reputation.

Use of modern devices for simplification of work of the gardener has to be thought over. When landing strawberry to agrofibre it is not always possible to avoid mistakes which affect quality of harvest. Sometimes to define the correct option, there passes some time. If cultivation has not borne rich fruits, for the next season when landing strawberry to agrofibre try to apply other scheme.

Cultivation of strawberry under agrofibre and differences from landings in soil

The main difference of landings of strawberry and wild strawberry under agrofilm that for the first time many try to land it in the usual way, the same as in soil. Berries put on previously arranged crests, for waterings leave row-spacings. But it is wrong.

The bed is gradually condensed, material begins to sag between crests. It is impossible to pull it, and the waterings made taking into account row-spacings are inefficient. It is necessary to plant bushes for receiving harvest in two ranks, and to arrange watering drop.

Preparation of ridges under landing

One more widespread mistake – when beds to plant berries, prepare since spring. The earth in this case is impossible condensed, pulling agrofibre for strawberry, it is necessary to remember that to correct bushes in the course of growth it will not turn out. If through the friable soil the roots of plants come to light, they can die as in due time it is not possible to take protective measures.

On the beds prepared on spring it is better to plant vegetables after which it is possible to land strawberry – it can be beet or peas. The soil during the summer will be condensed. When there comes the fall, it is possible to plant berry bushes. In the earth they are submerged not deeply not to fill up bush neck, but also not so that it has become bare. At such way of landing the bushes will be perfectly wintered.

Openings in film should be made round, their size has to be sufficient for further growth.

In general concerning work on disembarkation of cultures under agrofibre for strawberry responses quite good. Having calculated how to cover ridges and at what distance to plant bushes, it is possible to receive quite good harvest. When calculating the scheme of landing of strawberry to agrofibre are taken into account to feature to the area on which there is garden site, and condition of the soil. It is also possible to buy black material in which openings are already executed. Upon termination of every season the correction of mistakes is carried out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team