Mold and as to fight against it

Mold and as to fight against it

Mold is called the fungus which disputes are widespread everywhere. As soon as there is favorable environment, they begin to breed actively, as leads to emergence of mold spots. The mold can appear on food and various surfaces in the house but if food can just be thrown out, then on walls, floor, tile it is necessary to fight against fungus long and persistently.

Emergence of mold spots in the house can not only spoil good repair, but also is serious do much harm to health of the people living there. The black mold widespread on big surface leads even to lethal outcomes, but also other types of this fungus are capable to cause such phenomena as the mycoses, infections caused by fungus of inflammation and allergic reactions, chronic poisoning with mold waste products.

For this reason it is desirable not to allow spread of this infection, whenever possible. The favorable environment of reproduction of mold is temperature over 15 degrees and humidity more than 70%, so, all rooms of the apartment or owner-occupied dwelling need to be aired regularly.

In the bathroom it is the best of all for these purposes to establish the special fan, or modern active provetrivatel.

In premises do not put furniture closely to walls to leave the place for air circulation.

It is necessary to fight against already appeared mold spots in several stages as simple removal of visible layer will give only short-term effect.


From the damaged surface it is necessary to remove wall-paper, plaster, tile and all other elements of finishing up to concrete or brick. The basis needs to be smoothed out too, it is better with use of the specialized tool like the Bulgarian or drill with special nozzle.

Remember that all works are performed in protective gloves and mask to protect from scattering dispute skin and respiratory system.

Deep drying

The site of wall, ceiling or floor needs to be dried carefully at high temperature. For these purposes it is possible to use the construction hair dryer or blowpipe, depending on surface material.

During the work with these devices surely observe safety measures.

After processing of the site chosen by mold let's it cool down and start the next stage.

Processing by antiseptics

Before beginning new decorative finishing of wall or floor, the damaged surface needs to be processed special antiseptic. It can be got in shop of construction materials, there the seller will help to pick up the most suitable to surface type. There are also house ways of production of anti-septic tanks, for example, solution of copper vitriol, formalin solution, the concentrated solution of laundry soap.

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