Myths and the truth about waterproof ink

Myths and the truth about waterproof ink

Mascara which neither natural cataclysms, nor tears of grief and joy are terrible really exists. However it is necessary to use it moderately for a long time to keep own beauty and health.

More half a century back (1938) the first formula of waterproof ink has been found by American Elena Rubenstein. However, since then its turpentine basis with terribly unpleasant aroma has been repeatedly improved, and turpentine oil (turpentine) was succeeded natural wax, by pitches, silicone and paraffin. In a word, all that is capable to push away moisture and strongly to be fixed on eyelashes. And yet disputes on existence of the real effective and harmless waterproof ink do not abate. Sometimes women are forced to buy not one dozen copies to choose that only, arranging in all respects.

However it will it is unlikely turn out to find ideal waterproof ink which would help to create beautiful make-up in any conditions and has not done much harm to eyes. Even if at structure there are such useful components as vitamins A and E, B5, proteins and anti-allergenic complex which do not irritate eyes, feed eyelashes and promote their growth, only one fact that they are chained in the wax and silicone case interfering oxygen access crosses out all advantages of above-mentioned substances.

It is necessary to take councils of the makeup artist into consideration, to apply waterproof ink as seldom as possible. Its presence within 5-6 hours on eyelashes is comparable with make-up which was not washed away from face the whole week.

Therefore to look for other advantages in waterproof ink except that it is not washed away at the slightest water ingress on eyelashes - lost labor. From availability as a part of castor oil and other natural extracts of eyelash will not increase the length and will not become thick as these factors have the genetic nature. And here the irritation of eyes can arise, and it does not mean at all that as a part of cosmetic for eyes there are some aggressive toxic substances. Washing off of waterproof ink, besides application of special means for removal of make-up, is followed also by intensive physical manipulations.

To do smaller harm to gentle skin around eyes, cosmetologists advise not to get means for removal of ink on spirit basis. It will strongly dry area of skin around eyes and eyelashes. It is better to pick up the moistening vitamin complex for this purpose. And yet quite often from women it is possible to hear very unflattering reviews of waterproof ink which has not equaled hopes and at the most inappropriate moment began to flow away together with tears, rain or sea wave, leaving black circles under eyes.

In order to avoid incidents, it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase to special marks in case. Especially if ink of foreign production. The designation moisture-proof or aqua has noted waterproof ink.

After such deplorable experience the belief in existence of the real waterproof ink will be lost. However, it is not the myth. Just cosmetic for eyes with waterproof structure needs to be able to be chosen. Despite set of brands, mascara, resistant to moisture, happens only two types: moisture-proof (waterproof) and water-resistant (moisture-proof). The first is really capable to sustain impact of water elements, and the second is capable to remain on eyelashes only if the lady sheds avaricious tear. However, the designation water-proof should be checked by practical consideration if the competent consultant as both waterproof, and moisture-proof copies can be designated by this badge does not help. Will not prevent to have in the make-up bag waterproof ink, of course. But it is not question of vital need. First, because of difficulties with removal just it will not want to be painted every day. Secondly, cosmetologists recommend to use waterproof ink only in special cases. If it is a little such cases, the cosmetic which has lain idle everything 3–4 months just will lose the properties. Though producers also specify safety year, makeup artists assure that actually it makes at most half a year. After this period many components become unusable. Here and nearby before allergic reactions. If does not reach irritation and reddening of eyes, stability of cosmetic already precisely will be not that.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team