Niches from gypsum cardboard in the bedroom

Niches from gypsum cardboard in the bedroom

The niche over bed in the bedroom is not only beautiful element of design, it can perform number of functions, to become additional space for trifles and interesting way to zone the room.

The bedroom in niche of the one-room apartment

If the niche has been initially planned in apartment interior, it is possible to use it under berth. In this case the designs combining in themselves bed and cabinets with various regiments perfectly will approach.

Relatively recently owners of apartments have estimated the idea offered by the Swedish designers. It is especially good for those who do not want to use sofa as berth. In this case for registration of the bedroom in niche of the one-room apartment choose corner in which there are no windows, and establish partitions from gypsum cardboard. The turned-out walls can be decorated with big mirror, to issue sliding partition or to paste over with contrast wall-paper.

Plasterboard niches in the bedroom

Plasterboard niches in the bedroom most often play role of exclusively decorative element in interior and are located at bed headboard. There usually place various nice trifles: figurines, pictures, framework with photos. Often such niche occupies all wall headboard entirely, and in its side parts it is possible to place, for example, aquarium. If you the fan to esteem for the night, it is very convenient to use not only dot illumination, but also several wall lamps. If the area of the room allows, it is possible to use niche from gypsum cardboard in the bedroom as way to separate the placement on separate zones. For example, sometimes the bedroom is combined with small office or library. Just the same functional dredging can be used as the space for the TV or as cabinet. But essential lack of similar design is that it significantly reduces quantity of free space. The niche located over bed can turn into cabinet or curbstone. This option is suitable more for spacious rooms where the niche occupies all wall completely.

How to issue niche in the bedroom

Designers recommend to use several main methods: experiments with texture and color of surface, play of light and orientation of niche along walls. First of all, it is necessary to decide on design form. So, for the bedroom in modern style, it is possible to use accurate lines. And, high ceilings allow horizontal arrangement of dredging, and in small rooms square or vertical niches will be more appropriate. In classical interior it is possible to use any forms, for example, here the arch niche in light tones and with stucco molding perfectly will approach. However it is not necessary to darken too internal part of dredging, it is enough to pick up color only several tones more darkly. Creating design of the bedroom with niche, pay attention to some moments. For example, surely use two types of luminous source. Dot, used for the decorative purposes and easy lighting, combine with brighter wall lamp for local illumination. In case the niche is used as cabinet, surely provide boxes for storage of things under the bed. For the spacious room it is possible to use covering under tree, making out at the same time the bedroom in uniform style, in the small room it is desirable to use light tone, having refused the similar decision. To strengthen feeling of bed curtains of niche from gypsum cardboard in the bedroom in bed headboard, it is possible if to decorate its upper part or all perimeter more dark shades.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team