Nuances of construction of wooden house, cottage, bath

Nuances of construction of wooden house, cottage, bath

Each type of the construction materials used for construction of residential and auxiliary buildings has the specifics. It concerns also such definition as "wooden house" or "wooden bath", log cabins fall under it as the building from normal or glued bar, and. For all that that such buildings – wooden will be equally called, some features of material do them different.

The general characteristics of constructions for which construction such traditional material as tree was used is high functional performance, warm and sound insulation, environmental friendliness. Modern technologies allow to process wood protective structures, considerably prolonging the term of operation of such houses. At all this physical properties of integral log and bar differ from those qualities which characterize glued bar.

First of all, it is expressed that buildings from it are almost not subject to shrinkage while for log houses it can be up to 8% within only the first year after completion of construction. Therefore operation of the house from logs and bath from bar is at first impossible – finishing work and laying of communications is made at least, in year after construction. Houses from glued bar are leased at once "on a turn-key basis".

For construction including for production of bar, wood of the coniferous trees which have grown in northern areas is used it is desirable, cut down in winter time. Durability of wooden constructions depends on it. Therefore it is very important that the company which will build the house had own production, it is quality assurance of initial material. For construction of country houses and baths it is possible to be limited to the dot base which without fail waterproofs before walls are put up. On the continuous base the double binding becomes only for residential buildings and cottages if you build the country house or bath, the binding in this case can be made unary. On the dot bases the double binding needs to be done anyway.

Impregnation by protective fire-prevention and antiseptic structures needs to be made prior to construction.

If walls are put up from logs, also the quality of their processing is of great importance, grooves are how correctly cut, in the form they have to coincide with the outer diameter of logs precisely. For houses from the pro-thinned-out bar of this problem does not exist – on the ready project of domokomplekta are cut out without waste and on construction site they need only to be collected as the designer.

At construction of rafter system of roof of the log house or building built from the nekleenny pro-thinned-out bar it is necessary to consider the subsequent shrinkage.

Assembly of the dachas and baths which are not intended for permanent residence can be made on cold corner and iron dowel, houses and cottages build on warm corner and wooden dowel. At construction from bar, thanks to the ready thorn groove connection the classical warm corner anyway turns out.

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