Of what material it is better to make roof for the house

Of what material it is better to make roof for the house

Modern roofing materials are capable to decorate and protect any house. The choice the most suitable depends on constructional features and quality of rafter system; financial opportunities of the house owner; requirements imposed to roof.

The roofing material has to conform to the following requirements: to be water-proof, strong, durable, esthetically attractive, not subject to influence of ultraviolet, to have small weight. Mounting of cloths has to be simple and is not labor-consuming.

Parameters of the choice of roofing material

The house – system complete therefore when choosing roofing material it is important to consider whether will sustain additional weight loading not only rafters, but also walls with overlappings. It is especially important to investigate durability of constructional elements if construction old. It is necessary to pay attention and to the base of the house as it assumes all weight loading. In the course of the choice of roofing covering consider weather conditions of the region: force of winds, thickness of snow cover, air humidity.

What of roofing materials is better

One of the most esthetically attractive roofing materials – metal tile. It is strong, durable, simple in mounting, has rather small weight: 4.5 kg on 1 sq.m. The metal tile throughout all term of operation keeps juiciness of color as does not burn out from beams of the sun. For its laying it will be required to mount furring and to buy Paro - and waterproofing membranes. Choosing metal tile, it is necessary to know that the rear side of cloths, unlike external, is subject to formation of corrosion. For this reason the laying of vapor barrier will be required that attracts additional expenses and increases labor input of mounting of roof. One more lack of this material is that the sound of the rain drops falling on roof is clearly heard in all rooms of the house. The metal tile perfectly will be suitable for any roof structures: flat, twin, broken. Slate – roofing material which is inexpensive and practical, but is short-lived. It concedes in the esthetic relation to metal tile, metalprofile, soft tile, ondulin. The rain sound under roof from slate will not be heard, but the covering can destroy long hail. If in the region of residence such weather patterns is frequent, it is better to stop the choice on the ondulena. This material is inexpensive and esthetic, but goryuch. One of the latest roofing coverings is euroroofing material with figured ledges "tail of beaver". This material will demand substrate from plates of RSD which, as well as it, have quite big weight. Euroroofing material is expensive, but is durable, esthetic, plain in mounting. The roof from soft tile is strong and beautiful, but in regions with strong frequent winds you should not mount it as it can break separate tiles.

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