Old things: to throw out or give?

Old things: to throw out or give?

From time to time on shelves of cabinets the set of unnecessary things accumulates. Among them there can be presented souvenirs, the read uninteresting books or the improper clothes bought hurriedly. You will hardly use the majority of these objects sometime so it is the best of all to get rid of them as soon as possible.

What things it is better to throw out

Unnecessary there are more clothes and footwear always it is possible to attach somewhere. However just it is better to throw out the torn and strongly shabby things in garbage can as it will be extremely difficult to please with such products even the poorest person. Nevertheless, better to throw out them wrapped in package because there are many people who should look for clothes in garbage cans. So yours the worldly-wise jacket or the torn boots nevertheless can be useful to somebody else.

It is also necessary to throw out the used underwear even if it in good condition as such things cannot be sold or given for nothing.

Where it is possible to give old things

It is better to give all other things nevertheless to other people as today is many persons in need or just poor adults and children who will be glad to unexpected gift. It will take away from you not enough time, but you will be able to make good deed. It is the best of all to give children's and teenage clothes, unnecessary souvenirs, footwear and also toys and books to boarding schools, houses of the baby and orphanages. Even in the largest cities in these institutions with time there are not enough elementary things, not to mention excess couple beautiful sapozhek. There it is possible to attach more furniture unnecessary you, the old, but working TV or the computer. Things for adults can be carried to the temple – directly announcements of those who need something often hang on entrance there. If there is no such announcement, it is possible just to give box with things to employees of church who will distribute your clothes and footwear to needy parishioners. Many temples also send things to orphanages and the pre-trial detention center. Old things can be carried also in various charity organizations which help persons in need.

Before giving old clothes, surely wash it, iron and accurately put.

The torn books and magazines can be handed over in collection points for waste paper. And it is better to carry fiction and modern journalism in good condition in nursing home or disabled people, the people living there often very much need the interesting book or the magazine. Books can also be attached also in libraries. To give old furniture or home decoration, place advertisement of it on the free websites on the Internet: avito.ru, otdamdarom.ru and others. And that persons interested to help you to bring houses order have appeared quicker, photograph objects which you offer in gift. Thanks to such way it is possible to get rid in few days of many things, there is a lot of needing people today. Besides, a lot of old furniture is used today by designers during creation of interesting interiors. And they look for such furniture on flea markets or on the Internet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team