Options of compositions from coniferous plants

Options of compositions from coniferous plants

For registration of the site of country house more often use coniferous plants. These unique plants are capable to keep the appeal in the summer and in the winter, and correctly made composition will make your garden is unique beautiful and esthetically attractive.

Grouping plants in composition it is important to consider not quantity of the landed hvoynik, but harmonious selection of coniferous breeds which will adjoin ideally to other plant species, whether it be bushes or flowers. Place near thuja and juniper white rose or heather and the composition will play gentle beauty. The alternating landings of the blossoming bushes and evergreen hvoynik are capable to keep attractive view of your site at all seasons of the year.

  The choice of the specific site for the organization of coniferous compositions plays considerable role for creation of natural corner. If to organize landing of hvoynik at main entrance or entrance, then such option will give solemnity and splendor to country house.

       From hvoynik who well transfer hairstyle it is possible to land green hedge. To carry out unusual hairstyle and fence will look originally. Creating dense fence, plants land in chessboard order, in 2-3 rows.

       The dwarfish species of coniferous plants landed in miksborder will serve as excellent background for flower cultures and will emphasize bright paints of the blossoming plants. Miksbordera are created against the background of houses, fences, along paths and as the decorative element closing unesthetic zones of garden.

       It is impossible to do without hvoynik during creation the rock aria, stony gardens and the Alpine hills. The coniferous plants planted on coast of the current streamlets with falls and against the background of silent smooth surface of reservoirs, will add to the seasonal dacha natural landscape.

       As it is pleasant to walk on the coiling footpath decorated with compositions from undersized hvoynik or grouped with high copies.

       The site located on slope make out terraces in the form of cascade step. The lower tier is made out by juniper or dwarfish pines cut accurate forms in combination with other plants. Creeping junipers with replanting of climbers will look excellently, and in addition such landings interfere with destruction of slope, strengthening the soil from washing out.

      It is impossible to miss recreation areas. Hvoyniki, put near gazebo, at site for rest or at the playground will protect you from public eyes and also from dust and the hot scorching sun. Are in practice applied container gardening by hvoynik. The enclosed court issued by container coniferous plants will comfortably look – it is convenient and practical.

       There is a special wish to note that all hvoynik do not transfer zone with stagnation of moisture. The soil under hvoynik is improved drainage and add sand to soil. In the first years of disembarkation, fertilizing by special fertilizers is necessary. For large and single copies take away rather big and unshaded space that they developed fluffy symmetric krone. Making out compositions, it is necessary to consider distance between landings (not less than 0.8 m for undersized and 1-1.5 m for further tall).

        Also the color gamma of coniferous plants is various. Grouping compositions, land 3 or 5 hvoynik. Here it is important not to be overzealous, in group with three copies use two colors, and by drawing up groups of five hvoynik it is possible to dream up with three various coloring. If the complex composition from large number of plants is formed, it is necessary to break 3-5 plants into subgroups and already to work with them separately considering ratio of various colourings of hvoynik.

         The form and height of hvoynik by drawing up ensemble is considered at the initial moment during the planning and drawing up composition. It is important to learn to predict condition of the planted plants after a while when plants reach adult state. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team