osb plates: advantages, range of application

osb plates: advantages, range of application

OSB plates have several synonyms – SMALLPOX plates, RSD, Oriented Strand Board. Popular construction material is made of the excelsior oriented in a special way.

The pressed wood OSB plates enjoy deserved popularity today. Inexpensive and durable material in many respects wins before analogs, for example, chipboards plates. This product means use of wood spill, by production of plates shaving is stacked in three or four mutual and perpendicular layers. The manufacturing techniques explain properties of RSD.

For the first time plates of osb have begun to manufacture in Canada. The pine wood is applied to creation of layered plates, and shaving sticks together with pitches under the high pressure and temperature.

Characteristics of OSB plates

RSD plate have uniform structure. They are unusually strong and durable, easily keep screws and other fastening elements in structure. Wood-shaving material is resistant to deformations. Dense plates are easily processed, their main advantage – lack of emptiness, air "pockets".

The oriented plates differ in sufficient moisture resistance, elasticity, material has uniform structure. By the sizes and form of plate are standard therefore it is possible to saw, level them quickly them the necessary surface. SMALLPOX it is possible to process both electrically operated hand tool, and mechanical. Also the fact that the price of osb of plates differs in democratic character is important. And it is usually possible to get them in wholesale scale or packs, in bulk, that is shtuchno that very conveniently.

Scopes of plates of osb

Plity-osb find broad application in construction. Material is chosen for creation of building frames, for external covering of walls. Plates do design of shaving steadier and rigid. However, SMALLPOX quite often choose also for internal works including as basis under finishing finishing – plaster, papering and not only.

Depending on the chosen raw materials, nuances of production, characteristics of plate of osb are divided into four classes – OSB-1, 2, 3 and 4. OSB-3 plates because of their high moisture-proofness are considered as the most widespread.

OSB plates often use for creation of continuous furring under roof, oriyentirovanno-chip material is capable to maintain considerable loadings, including the weight of the roof: tiles, slate, professional leaf and others. The plate with smooth surface optimum approaches as base under linoleum, carpet.

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