Overview of popular robots vacuum cleaners

Overview of popular robots vacuum cleaners

Correctly chosen robot vacuum cleaner will serve many years! Devices from different producers are presented at the market. Such devices inhaust dirt worse than traditional analogs, but is more easy-to-work.

Quality of robots vacuum cleaners miscellaneous therefore it is important to choose the best of the offered options. When testing 3 popular models it was revealed number of essential shortcomings. As a result – the leader one. It is better to buy the technician from the checked producer with good rating at once, than to try to save, having received low-quality consumer goods.

iRobot Roomba 676

The robot the Irobot Roomba 676 vacuum cleaner perfectly is suitable for cleaning of any premises. It is convenient that there is built-in video camera therefore it is easy to make the plan of cleaning of the room. Management happens from the smartphone at any distance. In difference from other models this robot vacuum cleaner moves on parallel trajectories. The perfect system of navigation allows to clean all sites. While other devices had pripylenny zones. It is enough to press the clean button and process of cleaning happens independently. The video camera allows to monitor changes in space. By means of the Irobot Home application it is easy to configure necessary settings. For example, in advance to make the schedule. Main advantages of Irobot Roomba 676:

1.    High-quality assembly, all parts are correctly designed.

2.    Small weight that allows to transport device if necessary easily.

3.    The vacuum cleaner is independently charged. If the device was discharged before the end of cleaning, then it goes to be loaded. At full of the battery to continue cleaning of the territory. The device will begin work in that place where it is not removed yet as there is card.

4.    Thorough clarification taking into account features of surface. For example, the carpet vacuums the device at the special power. It increases by 10 times.

At iRobot Roomba 676 excellent complete set. The complementary filter the storage battery special side brush the limiter of the movement which works in 2 modes is applied to the robot - the vacuum cleaner. The device differs from analogs in the unique three-stage system of cleaning. The side brush helps to process hard-to-reach spots (corners, space at walls, steps). The main rollers with ease to clean any relief surface. Rubber parts are patented under the name "Tangle-free AeroForce". The third stage includes cleaning and suction of air. It helps to remove even the smallest dirt and dust. The special filter guarantees full purity of surface. This ideal device for the house where there live people with animals and allergic persons.


This robot vacuum cleaner attracts with the small size and minimalist design. At iLife various modes of cleaning. At once at contact with covering the suitable option for cleaning is defined. Upon transition to other type of the area also the mode changes at once. But for carpets there is no rather delicate level of cleaning. It is easy to damage delicate material. If iRobot Roomba 676 can be applied quietly even to sofas, then the risk of damage of material is high here.

The robot vacuum cleaner bypasses all objects indoors. It is also possible to put the timer for the beginning of cleaning. It if necessary goes on recharge. Work period about 2-4 hours. But after the device begins to vacuum anew, but not on the right place. The main lack of iLife – weak power. At first sight it has good technical characteristics, but cleaning is possible only on ideally smooth field, without lack of carpets or roughnesses. But, it turns out to remove only dust. This device not to cope with serious pollution.


The robot vacuum cleaner of Xiaomi attracts with the low price and good reviews about brand. There are several interesting functions. For example, the dust sensor is provided. By means of device it is easy to remove hard-to-reach spots. New model therefore attracts interest of consumers. But does not remove really polluted surfaces of Xiaomi. There is no enough the modes, there is not enough power and part rather shaky. Pleases that after purchase it is possible to return goods within 2 weeks, there is also warranty card. In the course of testing it became obvious that it is better to choose model more expensive, but to be sure of quality. iRobot Roomba 676 has coped with cleaning better than the budgetary analogs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team