Parquet, parquet board - popular finishing materials

Parquet, parquet board - popular finishing materials

Parquet - natural natural material for finishing of floors. There is set of its versions - block parquet, parquet board, art parquet, there are also its artificial substitutes. Expensive parquet, but very quality, beautiful and durable finishing material.

Main types of parquet

Osnovny type of parquet - block parquet, it represents uniform level from natural wood. Usually such level has width from 50 to 70 mm and length from 200 to 420 mm. Levels have crests and grooves for fastening among themselves. The block parquet differs in the big term of operation, it is easy to repair it, it is enough to replace one spoiled level only. It is possible to form patterns of levels of various color.

The massive parquet board differs from block parquet in the sizes of levels. Length of massive parquet board is not less than 500 mm. This material is more expensive than block parquet as on its production more wood leaves, but on functional performance they do not differ therefore the choice between massive board and block parquet should be done, proceeding from flavoring preferences.

The art parquet is the block parquet which is laid out by pattern. In order that the pattern has turned out, use levels from various breeds of tree and with various coverings changing their color. The art parquetry takes a lot of time and costs much. The separate kind of art parquet - modular parquet, it represents levels of the different forms, the sizes and flowers giving very difficult pattern in assembled form which cannot be created from normal rectangular levels.

During creation of modular parquet very carefully select levels to each other so that they equally reacted to external conditions.

Three-layer parquet board - substitute of integral natural parquet. However, it is also made of natural wood, but not of one piece, and of three stuck together layers. For top layer the valuable breed of tree, for lower - cheaper wood is used. The three-layer parquet board is not so sensitive to temperature differences and humidity as classical parquet, it is simpler in laying and is cheaper therefore in many cases its use is more preferable than natural parquet. It is possible to trim with parquet board not only floor, but also walls.


Parquet levels and boards make of valuable breeds of tree, is normal from deciduous as they are more resistant to loadings. The most widespread is the parquet from beech, maple, ash-tree, oak.

The parquet surely becomes covered with varnish which it is necessary to update not less once in 4 years.

In three-layer parquet the tree of deciduous breeds is used only for top layer, for base layers use firwood.

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