Pasting of walls flizelinovy wall-paper

Pasting of walls flizelinovy wall-paper

Interlining – special material on the basis of cellulose which is stronger, than paper. Wall-paper made of interlining becomes more popular. They are released in big variety of drawings and textures, but not only it is the reason of their popularity.

At flizelinovy wall-paper thick basis thanks to what this finishing material can be used even in the presence on walls of small roughnesses, without complicating itself alignment of surface. It is possible to get not painted wall-paper and to independently paint them as will take in head.

Glue can be applied directly on wall that helps to make all works on gluing easier. It is possible to paste over with them walls even in those houses where people live not constantly. Finishing material is very hygroscopic therefore it on it during operation is not formed either bubbles, or swellings, there is no flaking from walls. Thanks to availability of the breathing properties flizelinovy wall-paper can be pasted without any consequences in bathrooms or in kitchens.

Before beginning work on papering of walls, read the instruction attached to roll. Most of producers recommend to paste flizelinovy wall-paper the same as paste normal – that is to cut out, smear with glue, to sustain panels within several minutes and after that to paste on walls. But other, more convenient way when dry panels are imposed on the wall spread with glue is most widespread.

Wallpaper glue should be prepared in strict compliance of the instruction. When drawing special attention should be paid to that the surplus of glue did not leave on joints of wall-paper. The acted structure should be deleted immediately. Otherwise after completion of work these places will change color and will be strongly allocated on wall.

Wall-paper on flizelinovy basis is pasted end-to-end. It is possible to begin pasting from any corner – as a rule, it is more convenient to do it from window. Cut wall-paper on panels of the necessary sizes. For gluing of the first panel draw on wall vertical line – it can be done by means of plumb.

Special attention should be paid to pasting of corners. Corners not always are equal – the main thing in choosing overlap option without protrusion here. If it is not possible to do without wrinkles, folds are required to be knifed, leveled, smeared with glue anew.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team