Pellets - wood fuel granules

Pellets - wood fuel granules

More and more people try to move to them close city apartments in country houses or at least to the equipped and comfortable dachas where it is possible to come all the year round. But that the house was really convenient, in it there has to be autonomous services of heating and hot-water supply for which work the heating boiler is necessary. If it uses solid fuel, in this quality it is possible to use pellets.

What is pellets

For the heating boilers using solid fuel firewood, coal are used, and recently more and more zealous owners began to buy pellets - the fuel granules representing pieces of the dried-up pressed cylindricity wood. Raw materials for them are received very naturally - it is the sawdust and shavings which are waste of the lesoobrabatyvayushchy industry. Make granules without use of any chemical sticking together compositions, form them under high pressure. As a result the uniform fraction consisting of cylinders from 20 to 50 mm long and with a diameter from 4 to 10 mm with high heating capacity – 5 kW/hour on 1 kilogram of granules which caloric content is equivalent to 0.5 liters of liquid fuel turns out.

Pellets are also used as fuel for some types of fan heaters, furnaces, fireplaces with water heat-exchanging installation or without it.

Advantages of use pellet

The wood fuel granules used for heating of owner-occupied dwellings consist of eco-friendly wood and do not contain any chemical impurity and additives. Their heat emission is 2-3 times higher, than at normal tree as granules contain no more than 10% of moisture whereas in firewood it makes about 30-50%. Besides, the pellets pressed under big pressure have big density in comparison with logs that also works for increase in their heat emission.

If to compare pellets to coal, giving identical amount of heat, they emit carbon dioxide in the atmosphere 20-40 times less, and almost in as much time less from them remains ashes. Comparing pellets to other types of fuel, it is possible to note that, unlike fuel oil, gas or diesel fuel, at combustion they do not allocate specific smells, smoke and soot, do not spark and, besides, are not subject to spontaneous ignition.

Choosing pellets, pay attention: their surface has to be smooth and brilliant, brownish color. Gray color can demonstrate that granules long lay in the open air and their quality has worsened.

Thanks to high density, pellets take less places at storage and transportation, and the form of granules allows to automate process of loading of fuel in boiler that is impossible when using coal or firewood. To these wonderful granules moisture and frost is not terrible, they can be stored even under the open sky. The important value has also the fact that the price of this type of fuel is low, it is possible to buy and transport it without any problem.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team