Petunia and kalibrakhoa: grades and effective compositions

Petunia and kalibrakhoa: grades and effective compositions

The petunia was fallen in love to flower growers long ago. It is appreciated long blossoming, variety of coloring and forms of lobes. Several decades ago botanists have allocated in separate look kind of this magnificent plant — kalibrakho, but it is unknown to still many fans of flowers. And in vain! Millions of tiny hand bells which resemble petunia flowers superficially look very stylish, and compositions in combination with other plants — are incredibly effective.

Petunia and kalibrakhoa: similarity and difference

Externally the kalibrakhoa is very similar to petunia, flowers at plants have the form of record player and are painted in bright shades from white and yellow to dark blue and ink. However they have several considerable differences: 

  • at kalibrakho small flowers (up to 3 cm in the diameter), and the neck is painted in yellow;
  • stalk at petunia grassy and flexible, and at kalibrakho the escapes are inclined to lignification. In length they can reach 1.5 meters;
  • leaflets at petunia are larger, than at kalibrakho. At the last they small, their length is about 4 cm, and width — no more than 1 cm; 
  • the kalibrakhoa — photophilous flower, and petunia perfectly feels even in half-shade.

In it is a high time plants too both plants are unpretentious and blossom long time from spring to fall.

Petunia grades

Selektsionarmi has removed recently huge number of grades which strike with the variety. Now it is possible to choose the versions intended for cultivation in flowerpots and cachepot, borders and beds. In form of bush allocate: 

  • cascade;
  • ampelous;
  • bush petunias.

The set of grades with various flowers is also received. They are:

  • large and tiny;
  • simple and terry;
  • monophonic or fantasy coloring.

Several versions belong to bush petunias. It is possible to distinguish milliflor series from them (plants with tiny buds which size averages 2-3 cm), multifloor (grades with small flower record players with a diameter of 5-7 cm) and grandiflor which bushes are covered with large hand bells up to 15 cm in size. Petunias-grandiflora of grade of Pikoti are very effective. Lobes are painted in red, blue or violet and are decorated with wide white border on edge.

The Mistikal series — novelty in the market which is provided by grades "Black Velveteen" (with effective flowers of black tone) and "Phantom" (with black-yellow buds). Grades of the Triumph series possess really huge flowers with the wavy or fringed lobes painted in various shades from white to dark burgundy.

The ampelous petunia forms the graceful falling escapes which very beautifully look in suspended cachepots. It is possible to distinguish the following from grades of ampelous petunia:

  • "Avalanche". Differs in the saturation of coloring of flowers, they can have blue, orange, white or red tone.
  • "Velveteen" — ampelous petunia with velvety foliage and lobes. The plant very effective, besides is excellent melliferous herb.
  • Difference of grade "The opera supry" is its unpretentiousness. Length of lashes reaches nearly 1.5 m. Buds simple and medium-sized, but their huge number on escape.

The cascade petunia differs from other versions in the fact that its escapes not only fall, but grow and up, and in the parties, forming peculiar sphere. The hybrid of Ramblin blossoms early (for two weeks before other petunias). In height the bush reaches 40 cm, and length of escapes is the whole meter thanks to what the petunia looks perfectly. "Gioconda" - low bush with silnovetvyashchimisya the lashes and beautiful flowers painted in different shades from gentle-pink to purple. Powerful and magnificent bushes blossom smoothly on extent of all season.

Characteristic of grades of kalibrakho

The Kalibrakhoa is ideal plant for suspended baskets or big containers. Thanks to the fact that escapes strongly branch it forms dense cap of bright flowers. The Chameleon series is provided by several grades ("The Indian summer", "Solar berry", "With bilberry shade") which distinctive feature is the ability to change color at change of conditions of keeping and agrotechnology.

The Superbellz series has included grades "Cherry star", "Lemon segment", "Garnet punch", "Banana in chocolate", "Double ruby", etc. by Kalibrakhoa "Tropical rising" is novelty in the flower market. Lobes decorate the thinnest scarlet, pink and yellow lines which merge in yellow neck of flower. 

Compositions from petunia and kalibrakho

These flowers are good in itself therefore it is possible to create iridescent fireworks, having planted in one large capacity or in suspended basket several bushes of petunia or kalibrakho of different shade of one color or contrast tones. Such compositions look very colourfully.

One more option is the combination of bright record players to gentle lobelia. It is planted on edge of basket or cachepot, and place bush petunia in the middle. Kalibrakhoa the gipsofila, lavender, sage or geranium can become beautiful neighbors for bright. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team