Phalaenopsis diseases as result of the wrong leaving

Phalaenopsis diseases as result of the wrong leaving

Such diseases of phalaenopsis as black decay, burn, chloroz, etc. can be result of the wrong leaving. It is necessary to provide to plant optimal conditions for recovery and growth. If necessary to use bactericidal medicines.

Appearance of diseases or defeat of plant by wreckers can be result of violations of conditions of care for phalaenopsis – type of orchids, very whimsical and exacting in contents. What diseases can affect this beautiful flower owing to violations of the temperature and water modes?

Phalaenopsis diseases

Orchid phalaenopsis, as well as all other plant species, I can strike both infectious, and non-communicable diseases. The last are also result of the wrong leaving and contents. Such errors first of all are reflected in condition of leaves of plant and its roots. For example, the surplus of direct sunshine can turn back emergence on leaves of dry yellow-brown spots – burns. In this case the orchid needs to be rearranged on another, more shaded window.

The lack of lighting first of all will affect coloring of leaves – she turns pale, and the plant is extended. At the shortage of watering and insufficient air humidity the roots of phalaenopsis dry up, leaves are wrinkled and fall down. And here the excess of moisture in combination with reduced air temperature in the room very perniciously is reflected in condition of plant – its leaves, roots and trunk rot that can lead of orchids to death. It is accepted to fight against black decay or phytophthora by means of antibacterial medicines. And it is possible to remove accurately damaged parts with the sterile tool, and to fill up places of cuts with ground cinnamon or activated carbon. To replace sick copy in the new disinfected soil and to create all conditions for the speedy recovery. In general, all types decayed, including fuzariozny and gray, arise owing to excess humidity therefore first of all it is necessary to exclude for the period of spraying and to process plant any fungicide, for example, Fundazol.

What else phalaenopsis can hurt

Emergence of dark brown spots on the revealing flower petals can demonstrate hit of water droplets on them when spraying. It is necessary to provide good ventilation, not to allow stagnation of humid air and if necessary to use bactericidal medicines – Fitosporin, Fundazol or other. As the result of the wrong leaving can strike plant chloroz which arises because of presence of chlorine at water. The special filter will help to solve problem. The uneven yellow spots on surface of leaves taking subsequently form of the pressed points are result of watering or spraying of plant cold water. Dropsy also belongs to leaving errors. If the plant was watered in the afternoon at high temperature, and at night it has significantly decreased, then not to avoid this problem. In this case the orchid should be rearranged on east window and to watch that the pot with plant was not too close from glass.

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