Pith wall-paper for walls: characteristics and their installation

Pith wall-paper for walls: characteristics and their installation

The interior in fashionable what style demands natural finishing materials. It is not obligatory to sheathe walls tree or to fit them fabric. Pith wall-paper will help to give to the house charm of the nature. Before beginning repair, it is necessary to learn characteristics of this material and feature of work with it.

Pith wall-paper: features of production

Pith wall-paper is issued in the form of rolls, panels or plates. For their production use natural ecologically faultless material – bark of pith oak. The leader in the field of release of wall-paper – Portugal, this country – the homeland of unique oak. Pith finish coats make also other European countries: Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland. Premium material and super-premium costs rather much, but at correct sticker and operation serves very long.

Process of production is simple. The collected stopper is touched, sorted, the selected material is crushed and pressed. In process the oak crumb emits natural pitches which stick together the particles forming the unique drawing. The volume porous cloth which becomes raw materials for production of finishing plates or wall-paper turns out. The basic covering brittle and fragile, for bigger durability it is pasted to basis, covered with protective layer, tinted and painted.

Options of coverings for walls: what to choose

All wall-paper is divided into 3 big groups:

  • bezosnovny;
  • having flizelinovy or paper basis;
  • self-adhesive.

Bezosnovny wall-paper meets seldom. They are issued in standard rolls on 5.5 m. As a part of material only traditional unpainted or tinted cork. The sensitivity of material demands professional bonding, it is better to use wall-paper as accent.

Wall-paper with basis from interlining – the material, most popular and convenient in work. It easily fastens to any walls, hiding their imperfections. Is issued in rolls on 5.5 or 10 m, width varies from 30 to 100 cm. Wall-paper is rather thick, differs in high noise-absorbing qualities.

Pith wall-paper on paper basis has the same length and width, but can be thinner. Cost cheaper, than coverings on interlining, but also are suitable for independent repair.

Self-adhesive wall-paper consists of film with glue layer and pith interline interval. Are ideal for decor of smooth surfaces: the leveled walls, glass, metal. Are issued in standard rolls on 5.5 m.

The most expensive option – pith tile. Its thickness fluctuates from 3 to 5 mm, standard dimension – 30 by 60 cm. It is convenient to work with tile, it is suitable for any surfaces, if necessary it is possible to replace the damaged site, without deleting covering from all wall.

The raw stopper differs in porous texture, it perfectly isolates sound, but absorbs dust, dirt and fat. Specialized coatings will help to save walls from spots: wax or air-permeable varnish. Wall-paper with covering is more expensive, but serves much longer and looks more esthetic.  

Pluses and minuses of pith wall-paper

Having decided on finishing by traditional cork, it is necessary to learn all advantages and shortcomings of this material. Treats unconditional pluses:

  • Ecological faultlessness. During creation of wall-paper natural materials without formaldehydes, artificial pitches, caustic dyes are used. Wall-paper does not accumulate static electricity, is not surprised mold fungus, has bactericidal properties.
  • High esthetic qualities. Each roll has the unique drawing, soft natural colors easily fit into any interior and do not bother.
  • Pleasant tactile feelings. Wall-paper softly springs, they warm, smooth, slightly rough.
  • Excellent sound insulation. The friable porous stopper extinguishes foreign sounds and vibration that does it irreplaceable for city apartments.
  • Swore does not fade, does not attract dirt and dust, easily washes. At the correct leaving wall-paper will not demand replacement of 10-20 years.
  • Wall-paper from stopper does not sustain combustion and hardly ignites. When burning do not emit toxic agents.
  • Soft wall-paper well bends, is suitable for pasting of non-standard surfaces with various texture, hides small defects.

The stopper has significantly less minuses. Among them the high price is even the cheapest wall-paper is more expensive than paper and flizelinovy analogs or ceramic tile. Besides the friable and soft texture does covering vulnerable to mechanical by influence. Wall-paper can be damaged even at shift of furniture, and pets are capable to put them out of commission quickly.

Experts do not recommend to glue pith wall-paper in rooms with high humidity. For bathrooms, kitchens and halls release special options with strong waterproof covering, but the term of life of wall-paper in such rooms is significantly shorter.

How to glue stopper on walls: professional advice

After purchase the rolls or tiles have to rest in bed. It is necessary to store them in the same rooms where repair will become – the temperature background is very important.

Before pokleyka wall-paper cuts on strips, leaving allowance in couple of centimeters. Preparations develop and stack on plain surface at several o'clock. Packed material it is difficult to fix to walls, it has to be straightened.

Normal glue is necessary for materials for heavy wall-paper on paper or flizelinovy basis. The coverings which do not have basis paste only special structures for stopper. Not to be mistaken, it is worth studying attentively the instruction attached to each roll.

Before work of wall are cleaned from old coverings: wall-paper, whitewashing, paint. Uneven surfaces need to be plastered and ground, the primer eliminating dust is obligatory. The arrangement of the front page is planned by means of plumb, wall-paper has to fasten ideally exactly.

Liquid glue is applied with brush or paint roller, dense it is convenient to distribute the palette. Then the strip of wall-paper is folded double by glue inside, transferred to wall and fastens. The clean rubber roller will help to smooth cloth. It will remove bubbles and guarantees strong coupling with wall. If from under wall-paper glue is squeezed out, it is erased at once soft dry rags.

The natural relief of wall-paper does not demand exact combination of the drawing. Strips paste end-to-end, on corners cut them with sharp knife, verifying the sizes by means of ruler. After sticker wall-paper has to dry out within 2-3 days, at this time in the room it is impossible to open windows. If desired the stopper is covered with waterproof varnish or special wax.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team