Plaster machines: how to make with own hands

Plaster machines: how to make with own hands

The works connected with plastering of walls are considered as laborious and costly on time in the course of repair. The special equipment intended for plastering of surfaces allows to simplify significantly this process and to save time. Ready plaster car can be bought in shop for big money, and it is possible to save and manufacture the device the hands.

Why plaster machines are necessary?

The main function of automatic device for plastering of surfaces – performance of high-quality batch of solution and further ensuring its high-quality and fast hashing. Such machines allow to receive the structure, ideal on the consistence, intended for plastering of walls.

Advantages of plaster machines before manual work

Advantage of plaster machines in this case is very notable. The most important plus of use of the device – independence and release from routine manual work on solution preparation. The machine substantially will facilitate and will accelerate working process to one person. Additional benefits of plaster machines are the next working moments.

  • As a rule, the mixing of mortar for plaster demands from the person when mixing observance of exact proportions between water and dry mixes. If people can be mistaken in calculations, then specialized plaster machines are calculated on observance of exact dosages and prepare high-quality mixes in the automatic mode.
  • Dry mixes by means of such devices are kneaded by mechanical method. This notable advantage, to the person will mix large volumes of solutions hard and long on time. Plaster machines, on the contrary, quickly and qualitatively mix, and the accelerated giving allows to contain large amount of air in ready solution that, in turn, allows to save dry mix, at the same expenses of solution it turns out 10 times more.
  • One plaster device is modern alternative to almost whole construction crew specializing in stucco work. The machine puts uniform and thin layers, which dry quicker that does them better and considerably accelerates working process.

To buy or not?

Plaster car can be bought in shop, and it is possible to make at home. The prices of factory plaster devices leave much to be desired (especially provided that these machines it is possible to make with own hands). Therefore such purchases will be unprofitable and absolutely inexpedient. It is important to understand that at competent approach of the machine homemade product is not handicraft work, but considerable economy of money at the same finishing results.

Operation principle of the self-made plaster machine

To understand the mechanism of operation of the self-made device, it is necessary to imagine operation principle of ordinary airbrush (or at least spray). Its basis is formed by the normal fire extinguisher. Capacity of the fire extinguisher will play role of the solution bunker therefore its bottom has to be from above.

The cylinder of the fire extinguisher has to have volume about 4 l. Fire extinguishers as preparations are allocated by all necessary for creation of the machine on spraying of plaster mixes: they have nozzle, the handle and the lever opening at opening exit.

The manual work when using this unit means only charge of necessary mix in the device. In mixing compartment of the device there is structure batch, and the ready finishing mortar moves outside from the accumulative bunker. By means of nozzle, solution is evenly sprayed on wall (as well as in case with airbrush).

How to make the plaster machine with own hands?

So, sequence of actions for independent production of device for plastering of surfaces following.

  • First of all, it is necessary to cut off the fire extinguisher bottom. Further the self-made unit will be located nozzle down (the bottom up). The cylinder with the cut-off bottom is peculiar bunker for solution.
  • The self-made spray is complemented with tube on which compressed air will move. It crashes into the cylinder sidewall which is opposite to valve exit. Through this exit mix will be sprayed. Compressed air on pipe is transferred from the compressor, at the same time for high-quality spraying of solution the nozzle has to have diameter no more than 4-5 mm.
  • Machine homemade product power directly depends on diameter of nozzle, pressure of the given compressed air, certain interval between nozzle of the compressor and nozzle. Therefore for increase in power the tube of air supply should be put most close to the outlet valve and to fix properly. It is fixed by means of nuts with sealing gaskets. It simplifies adjustment of distance from tube to the valve. Connection should be made.
  • The final stage – mounting of the air compressor. It should be attached to nozzle aperture by means of hose. For operation of the self-made unit it is necessary to create pressure in 2 atmospheres. If pressure is small, finishing will be rough. If the smooth finishing covering filling all time on wall is necessary it is necessary to create high pressure.

Golden rule of stucco work

  • Before drawing new plaster layer the surface needs to be cleaned from old plaster carefully.
  • One more requirement – absence on walls of damp and oil stains. Availability only of dry, clean and strong basis is allowed.
  • The mold and fungus will interfere with further work too.
  • The person working with the self-made plaster device has to direct unit hose to wall, providing uniform covering in the ratio with lighthouses. If solution is applied much, plaster durability considerably will decrease. If solution is applied with shortcoming – on walls characteristic gleams will appear. Optimum thickness of plaster is the layer from 12 to 30 cm.

Concluding remarks

So, work with plaster units is significant saving of time and consumable material (dry construction mixes). At the same time the durable and qualitative covering which does not demand further putty and finishing on alignment of surfaces is created. Besides, such devices are simple in management: work with them is available even to the unprepared person who at least once in life did at himself in the house renovation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team