Plastic cellar for giving: description, advantages, shortcomings, selection criteria, mounting

Plastic cellar for giving: description, advantages, shortcomings, selection criteria, mounting

The room in summer and winter time is very convenient for storage of products in application. Rather new and very functional it is possible to consider the device of plastic cellar for the house and the dacha. What is it, you learn in the overview.

Issues of storage of house preparations and preservation solved the cellar device under half of the house or dacha earlier. Now still there are similar rooms which people arrange well who as can. Technologies allow not only to dig ditch for cellar, but also to make waterproofing, to create high-quality ventilation. The most modern development - cellar from plastic became new step to evolutions of technologies of house storage. 

What is plastic cellar

The correct name - caisson. Transformation of caisson for the sewerage in cellar for products is quite justified. As structurally these tanks are similar, and functional features - business of completions of engineers. It is necessary to tell that cellars for products are delivered by the same producers, as implement sewer devices.

Plastic capacity for storage ensures safety of products. At the same time, its body is made hermetically of the materials which are not giving in to decomposition and corrosion, doing not pass moisture and providing sufficient thermal insulation.!! Full protection of products against rodents will become one more pleasant bonus of such acquisition.!!

The design of plastic cellar is sealed container cubic or cylindricity. Box walls rather thick to protect vegetables from freezing. Life cycle of such body from 70 to 80 years (After term on the body of capacity there can be cracks).

The internal device of cellar can be any - box, regiments, lari, racks. Any registration convenient for storage of your products.  

It should be noted availability of ventilation in this room. 


  • simple mounting - plastic container has monolithic structure without seams, for mounting of such basement it is only necessary to dig big ditch of the correct form and the sizes;
  • the underground capsule it is possible to arrange in any place of the parcel;
  • waterproof (but it is necessary to watch level of underground water and to dig out ditch up to the soil frost depth that in the spring the soil has not begun to squeeze out cellar from under the earth);
  • it is possible to mount under the building or on open area;
  • the hermetic seamless tank is not afraid of the atmospheric phenomena and moisture;
  • availability of ventilation ensures the best safety of products, than in classical cellars;
  • on the surface of the plastic body bacteria and fungus do not develop;
  • in plastic product, rodents and insects will not make the way;
  • in plastic the smell does not eat;
  • the cellar from plastic or polypropylene is simple in service (it is easy to keep it clean and to hold disinfection events);
  • long term of operation.


  • high cost;
  • the fixed size range (it is impossible to order the capacity of the necessary form and dimensions);
  • when mounting the help of experts can be necessary;
  • weak vent system (additional completion - arrangement of extract will be required).

And nevertheless, to buy ready cellar and just to dig it in ditch much more simply and quicker than to equip has fallen manually.

Selection criteria

By the principle of mounting the plastic cellar can be:

  • land;
  • underground;
  • semi-underground;
  • glacial;

Actually caisson for cellar and sewer analog differ in quality of materials of which they are made. That is the device for storage of products has to have certificates of quality and safety. Plastic should not emit toxic agents and smells.

Generally dealers of plastic cellars sell together with construction of service of mounting and delivery of construction. That is, if you are frightened by the large sum, specify whether will make to you for this money ditch, concreting and installation of caisson.

It is not recommended to buy cellar from plastic from doubtful producers as indoors you are going to store products. It is better to choose the capacity of the known brand. 

Undoubtedly, purchase of plastic cellar is favorable. Define purchase type, the required dimensions and the producer. Equip cellar to the taste and you store products in reliable and safe cellar.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team