Plastic panels: choice and installation

Plastic panels: choice and installation

Before work it will be necessary to determine amount of material which for this purpose will be required by installation of panels. It is necessary to try to measure carefully all square on which the panel will be placed, and then to choose the necessary size and the number of such panels.

The minimum and maximum sizes on width are from 2.5 cm to 5 cm, length from 2.5 m to 3 m.

It is possible to carry moldings to accessory materials. These are the small panels intended for equal joining of the main panels and also they hide joints. This element is recommended to be got with stock as small part of moldings anyway remains after mounting. 

Mounting of panels is not difficult process and demands from the performer of elementary knowledge in this area. If after finishing of wall surface rather equal, then plastic panels fix directly to wall, using special glue. At the same time at first, using "liquid nails", it is pasted the top, and then lower profiles. Later by the necessary intermediate sizes cut out the plastic panel, apply glue on edges and the middle of the panel. Then it is brought to grooves of profile and fixed.

In situation when the wall surface has roughnesses, on wall fix wood furring. For this purpose small levels from 5 to 10 cm wide will be necessary. Such levels by means of screw with plastic dowel fasten. If the wall (partition) is made of other material, then use simple screws. Upon termination of mounting of wood furring, are cut out the necessary size of the panel and fasten on furring. 

The electrofret saw perfectly will be suitable for cutting of panels. It is the best of all to cut off panels from the inside, otherwise on surface there will be scratches and chips.

Fixture of panels begins from corner which the first you notice at the entrance. Fixture of the plastic panel in the mounted profile is made by means of thorn. At the same moment holders are fixed. Then the opposite side is fixed. The following panel is fixed in grooves of the first and so to the following corner. Upon termination of installation of panels disappear all formed joints.

It is rather simple to purify plastic if to use ordinary napkin or rags. As the cleaning liquid liquid soap quite will approach. It is impossible to use rough brushes and powdery cleansers. 

Drawing conclusions, one may say, that when mounting panels it is optional to level wall surface. Installation of panels does not demand from the performer of special skills, and for work the most ordinary tool which is possible for finding in any house is used. Besides such panels have various colourings and images that will help the designer to fulfill the most courageous dream of the customer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team