Plinth for carpet: features of baguettes for carpet

Plinth for carpet: features of baguettes for carpet

Now on sale large number of various plinths and baguettes. There are also those which are intended especially for carpets. Whether are necessary special plinth for carpet? In what their difference from normal and what features? About everything one after another.

Characteristics of plinths for carpet

Plinth for carpets are made of aluminum or plastic. This product of cross-section having the-shaped form.

The main difference of plinth for carpet from normal that the central part is stuck with piece of carpet. As a result it turns out that the joint between wall and floor is completely closed by carpet. It is possible to combine colors and to paste carpet of other color on plinth.

Plinth for carpet happen:

  • Flexible, without stiffening fins, are mounted on "liquid nails";
  • With stiffening fins, are mounted on self-tapping screws.

Stiffening fins which are located from plinth backside perform function cable channel. Flexible glued plinth perfectly will be suitable for rooms where walls of irregular shape, or have roughnesses. The glued plinth elastic, it ideally adjoins closely to wall. If wall uneven, but in this place it is necessary to lay cable, establish plinth about cable channels, doing the minimum space between self-tapping screws on which the plinth fastens. Then clearances will be minimum.

Complete sets of plinths for carpet:

  • With doborny elements;
  • Without feature connectors.

Simple difference: or internal and external corners connect additional doborny elements, or the plinth is mounted without them.

How to establish plinth for carpet independently

First of all, it is necessary to make measurements. Be defined where it will be better to establish plinth with stiffening fins to hide wires in cable channels and where will be to paste flexible plinth more appropriate. Attach to wall on joint with floor the rule with level and look at curvature of walls. If it works, that the deviation on meter more than 3 millimeters, is better to level surface, or to stop the choice on flexible plinths.

If plinth mean availability of doborny elements, count, quantity of internal and external corners, feature connectors and stubs.

Stubs are put where the plinth comes to an end. Feature connectors are installed on joint of two levels. One level 2.5 meters long. Consider it when calculating.

Mounting is begun with corner. If there are no doborny elements, it is necessary to cut off plinth corner under 45 degrees. One machine cut will be external, another internal. It is the simplest to make it by means of the miter box. If there is no miter box, take the sheet of paper and draw square. Carry out two diagonals which are crossed in the center. Apply plinth so that it to the sheet of paper has been pressed as to wall. Level. Saw off on the diagonal line. Do the same with the second piece, having sawn off it on other diagonal line. After connection two piece of plinth, the equal corner in 90 degrees will turn out.

The plinth with stiffening fins needs to be drilled at first. For this purpose take drill and drill on 6 millimeters. If the plinth is made of plastic, the normal drill on tree will approach if from aluminum, it is simpler to work with metal drill. At distance of 30 centimeters from each other drill openings on all length of plinth exactly in the middle. On that place, where adhesive strip for carpet. If walls ideally equal, the step can be not 30, but 50 centimeters. If on the contrary, there is small curvature, reduce distance to 10 centimeters.

Apply plinth to wall and by means of pencil or marker make marks. On these marks you will drill wall. It is not necessary to drill on all perimeter of the room at once. It is possible to be mistaken. Drill dowel nail on depth, hammer dowel. Apply level and twirl self-tapping screws. Inadmissibly, that between wall and plinth there were big gaps.

When in all room are mounted plinth, cut carpet on strips of the necessary width to paste them. Spread carpet on floor. The edge will be used as the upper edge. It is equal. Measure ruler the necessary distance from edge in several places so that it was possible to shift ruler. Under carpet enclose the sheet fibreboard for convenience. By means of construction knife and iron ruler cut off piece of necessary width.

Remove protective film from glue surface and paste pieces of carpet, having tucked them under the top-shaped level.

If you have bought plinth for carpet without glue strip, it is possible to use double-sided adhesive tape and to paste carpet on it independently, or to use as the glue basis of PVA.

How to establish flexible plinth for carpet

Just as in case with installation of rigid plinth, first of all it is necessary to measure room perimeter to learn how many it is required to buy flexible plinth. Mounting is made on "liquid nails", or on other glue basis recommended by the producer. Surely study the instruction before starting fastening of plinths on assembly structure.

Plinth for carpet the hands

Not in all shops of building materials special plinth for carpets is available and the price is much higher than them. If you want that the joint between wall and floor was trimmed by carpet, it is possible to adapt normal wooden or plastic plinth.

On face side paste over plinth with carpet strip, using PVA glue, or double-sided adhesive tape, envelop carpet around level, fix behind on "liquid nails". Establish plinth.

Useful tips

  • To cut carpet at wall – task difficult. If for installation you have chosen plinth about cable channels, can not cut carpet ideally exactly. Small gaps will disappear. For plinths which are glued to wall the carpet overlap on wall is inadmissible.
  • Plinth with stiffening fins on uneven walls fasten with step between self-tapping screws of 10-12 centimeters.
  • If there were slots, can walk from above sealant, or "liquid nails" to fill emptiness.
  • For dark carpet buy narrower of plinth, than for light.
  • You fix plinth so that between elements there was no gap left.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team