Plowing of the earth motor-block: pluses and minuses

Plowing of the earth motor-block: pluses and minuses

With the invention of motor-blocks the life of summer residents and gardeners in the period of earthwork operations on personal plots was considerably facilitated. There is no need manually now to overturn soil cubic meters, this work will be performed by the mechanical device. Now there are many brands of both domestic, and import motor-cultivators, but in general their characteristics identical, they differ only with the price and fuel usage.

Certainly, motor-cultivators, or motor-blocks, this essential help to all gardeners. They are called still pedestrian tractors. They allow to process significant areas of the parcels during rather short period of time, consume small amount of fuel during the work (so, they are quite economic means for plowing of the earth). Cultivators are very mobile that allows to use them on any parcel, in independence of its area and availability of entrances. Besides it is possible to use one device for two-three households (sites).

Modern motor-cultivators provide possibility of installation of depth of plowing of the earth in the range from 10 to 25 cm that is very convenient as it is known, for improvement of productivity it is necessary to dig periodically the earth on all depth of fertile layer to update top soil. All this as well as possible turns out when plowing the earth motor-cultivator.

Types of devices

All devices can conditionally be separated into two types: - manual, - wheel. Wheel cultivators are similar to minitractors, they work due to drag force of running gear. The mill on leading axle literally bites into the earth. Such devices are universal, instead of mill it is possible to establish both harrow, and even the seeder. Therefore minitractors are very much loved by farmers. Manual devices manual can be only partly, they have wheels too, but those serve only for convenience of management. If on the minitractor of people literally goes, then with manual it is necessary to pass hundred part behind hundred part. Mills at such devices, as a rule, fixed though at expensive models it is possible to find in set even okuchnik. Both types of devices are very safe, for example, on all protection covers which interfere with emission of stones from under mills and also to hit under mill of extremities of the operator are provided. Automatic devices with engines are supplied with means of shutdown of the motor in the absence of controlled management. It means that if the operator is distracted by something, the motor-block will just decay.

Merits and demerits

However, gardeners motor-cultivators favor not always. So, for example, it is impossible to use the device in case you on the parcel have many weeds with deeply lying roots. When plowing the earth the motor-block you will only deepen and make multiple copies them as there is dump of earth layer by means of one-dump plow aside (still it is called ploughshare), which is established on the motor-block. Because of dump also the top soil moves. It, of course, it does not matter, but such annual "movement" it is necessary to consider when planning landings. The land plowed by means of the motor-block should be cultivated still in addition in type of the fact that it is usually turned out by lump, i.e. for landing the soil should be harrowed in addition. Especially careful boroneniye needs to be carried out on firm soils.

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