Power saw for gas concrete: how to choose

Power saw for gas concrete: how to choose

The power saw for gas concrete has to be powerful, have reliable teeths and possess additional options. The products which are turned out under brands of Makita, Black&Decker, Bosch have proved.

Saw for gas concrete – the important tool in the master's arsenal. Speed of work and the number of the made efforts depends on right choice. The electric device has big capacity and performance thanks to what it can be used for work with massive blocks.

Choice of the correct look

The power saw is saber. It is similar to manual, but works from network. On the design features reminds drill. Edges make the working course directly on in advance put line. This option perfectly is suitable for average amounts of works. Cooling of the tool is carried out through special air vent. The cutting part represents fine edge from solid alloy.

Electric differs in small cost, is suitable for gas concrete. The saw has the special cutting cloths which are applied at exact or approximate cutting. Use at household repair is relevant.

During large volumes of works the band tool is chosen. Working part looks as tape with the metal teeths located on one party. Such equipment differs in high performance, is used on construction sites, can work without stops.

Accumulator types are suitable for works on building sites too. The tool is quite easy and mobile. It can be used for cutting in hard-to-reach spots. Essential minus is the limited operating time. The petrol look can become alternative. It is relevant during the works on objects where there is no possibility of recharge.

One more version is the saw alligator. Externally it is similar to chain look. In grooves of the saw tire two cutting cloths working in parallel each other are established. They function by the principle of progress. The pendular course in such options is absent. Such power saw allows to receive exact cut with high speed.

Selection criteria

Before purchase pay attention:

  • on equipment type;
  • durability of the worker is dense;
  • tool power;
  • adjustment of turns;
  • electric tool weight.

Working part

The cutting tool has to be made of quality raw materials. Information on it is specified in the passport of product. Important part are also teeths. It is better to give preference metal or ceramic. Aluminum very quickly fail.

Also the sizes of teeths are important. Large cutters serve for high-speed cut, as small – for figured cutting. The small step of these elements gives the chance to receive the ideal plane of cut. If teeths are divorced, the work pace increases, but the quality decreases.


The type of the tool is chosen depending on necessary performance. For example, the power saw with special cloths will be suitable for construction of cottage from the gas-blocks decorated with columns and bay windows. Band-saw machines are relevant under production conditions.

Cutting of the large-size block happens to use of the two-handled tool quicker. However it has essential weight, demands the help of the second person. Household models have rather small power, heat up approximately in 20 minutes of work therefore need periodic rest. Professional saws maintain daily operation schedule of work with the continuous course for 6 hours. Power of the tool varies from 400 to 1600 W, but professionals recommend to get saw with this indicator from 1200 W.

Availability of additional options

Pay attention to additional functions:

  • adjustment of cutting speed;
  • replacement of cloths without key;
  • anti-vibration protection.

In the presence of the limiter for edge the tool can be put to the block closely. It considerably will simplify cutting process. Performance and the system of pendular type increases. In this case there is practically no load of the worker.

Material of the cutting cloth

It is possible to determine material of which the cutting cloth is made by marking of power saw:

  • HCS – high carbon steel. She resembles for work with soft materials.
  • HSS – high-speed tool steel. The form of cloth can be curved or bending on curve. It is applied mainly to metal.
  • BIM – bimetallic cloths. Are made of the combined steel. Differ in high strength and flexibility. Ideal option for gas concrete, foam concrete blocks.
  • HM/CT – cloths from solid alloys. Fiber glasses, tiles, gas concrete are applied to concrete.

Other parameters of the choice and producers

Pay attention on holders. They have to be rubberized that in the course of work of hand did not slide. At the same time the cutting element in length has to make at most 3.5 cm. The increased sizes of working edge give the chance to carry out cutting of dimensional blocks.

On sale it is possible to meet products of different producers. Power saws on concrete of Bosch are popular. They are convenient, functional, quickly saw gas-concrete blocks. At builders, saws alligators of this brand are demanded.

The German Black&Decker tool is externally similar to normal chain saw. For work with gas-blocks it is equipped with two cloths. The main minus is fast wear of steel sites.

To food one popular brand is Makita. The company releases the powerful professional tool adapted to intensive loadings. Power saws have double isolation, easy access to brushes.

In conclusion we will note: on sale there are models of different price categories. The products from little-known producers cost cheaper, but its quality is worse. As power saws belong to the tool of the increased danger, it is important to consider all characteristics.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team