Practical beautiful floor with glossy floor tile

Practical beautiful floor with glossy floor tile

The ceramic tile is capable to change any room; this material does it attractive, magnificent. To achieve effect, it is necessary to show consideration for the choice of tile, considering its features.

When choosing floor tile one of important points – definition of form, the sizes and coloring. Rectangular, square tiles of 500х500 mm, 300х300 mm in size are most widespread. But sometimes meet to six - and even octahedral samples. Also examine reverse side of tile – it can be dense (vitrified) or rough, with time. In the first case material badly gives in to moisture penetration, in the second – well absorbs it, however "in passing" provides the best coupling with surface when gluing since the bigger number of the gluing structure gets into time. Take an interest at the seller in type of roasting of tile; it can be unary or double. The second option of product is more preferable since from above such material becomes covered with opaque glaze which can be decorated with various drawings.

If it is supposed to stack ceramics in the bathroom or in kitchen, then it makes sense to take an interest in resistance of material to long influence of moisture, chemicals. And, of course, it is impossible to lay the tile intended for walls on the floor; enamel will quickly be erased, and the ceramics which is not intended for high loadings can burst. The porcelain tile which is specially intended for laying on floor has high strength, "is indifferent" to temperature drops, emergence of spots of oil and chemically aggressive substances.

When choosing it is necessary to consider that the tile of the small sizes visually gives to the room bigger volume, the large ceramics on the contrary, visually reduces the area. Considerable role and texture of material: the smooth surface gives to the room scope and feeling of light. To receive desirable interior, pay attention to the drawing which can draw attention to itself(himself) or on the contrary, to be background, for example, to furniture.

On dark monophonic tile of scratch are noticeable better

The simple drawing visually increases the room, kind of breaking it into zones, difficult on the contrary, reduces the area. Even such trifles as color, thickness of zatirochny seams the role. The contrast zatirochny structure draws attention to floor if the finish coincides on color with tile, then the effect of integral, uniform surface is created.

If the finish is more dark than ceramics, floor seems cleaner

Especially It should be noted so-called metlakhsky tile: it is the special, melkoformatny material differing in big variety of color schemes and unusual hardness. Floor which is laid out from metlakhsky tile well resists to mechanical influence, humidity, chemical reagents. On exterior the surface "issued" by similar material reminds smart east carpet. It is conventional that leaders in production of the strongest and beautiful tile are Spain and Italy. High quality at the German, Polish companies. Buying tile, make calculations of its quantity plus stock of 10% (it is especially necessary if it is supposed that the tile should be put independently). The modern choice of ceramics is rather broad: the tile imitates stone, tree, fabric, parquet, mosaic and even skin. There are also drawings, original, not similar to anything. At the same time collections of the famous producers are updated annually; always there is opportunity to follow fashion trends or to pick up some unique drawing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team