Preparation of the soil for landing of cowberry

Preparation of the soil for landing of cowberry

Desire to grow up cowberry at itself at the dacha arises at all who love in the middle of the summer or late fall to go hiking for this wild-growing berry. It is easy to put her, it is much more difficult to wait for harvest. On it about four years will leave.

Cultivation of cowberry at the dacha – occupation available to gardeners of any region of the country, as plant this frost-resistant. Even if fall of temperature is necessary for blossoming, the bush will stand, and flowers will not be damaged.

Conditions of cultivation of cowberry

The friable, moisture capacious, air-permeable soil with high acidity – the best environment for cultivation of cowberry. Under this description peat soils are ideal, but you should not despair if in your strip they, for example, sandy. To grow up cowberry at the dacha, it is enough to add 50% of fibrous peat. Choosing the place for landing, give preference to the open areas as cowberry – plant photophilous. Certainly, she will grow up also on the darkened sites of garden, but here she, most likely, will not fructify here. Initially, cowberry grows on marshy soils therefore it is logical to notice that growth of this bush requires a lot of moisture. The regularity of watering will be directly connected with productivity of plant.

Cultivation of cowberry

The late fall is ideal time for crops of cowberry. In the spring, after vskhod of seedlings, the best escapes are selected and are divided into shanks. The earth in the greenhouse has to consist of mix of sand and peat in proportion 1:2. Shanks 3-5 cm long land at first to the greenhouse, and after rooting are moved to the constant place of growth. It should be noted that at change the soil has to be strongly humidified and consist also of peat and sand, but in proportion 1:1.

When cowberry ripens

The first harvest of cowberry can be expected in 3-4 years. For one season berry can be picked twice. At first the bush bears fruits in the middle of the summer (July – August), and the autumn harvest ripens at the end of September – the beginning of October.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team