Properties of ceramic ware

Properties of ceramic ware

Choosing ware for kitchen, you impose to it a number of requirements. Among them durability, opportunity to sustain big temperature drop, to distribute heat, not to react with acids in food, kitchen ware has to be washed easily and, not least, it has to be beautiful. Ware from ceramics conforms to all these requirements.

Attractive exterior

Beauty of ceramic ware, perhaps, the first that is evident in it. Many firms enamel ceramics or cover it with special varnish, also the thin layer of glass sometimes is used. Ceramic ware is often painted with color paints and under layer of enamel, varnish or glass they become even brighter. You can put ceramic pots on shelves in kitchen and they will play not only utilitarian, but also decorative role.

Whenever possible buy the real integral ceramic ware, but not with ceramic covering as it is less durable, subject to corrosion and maintains smaller temperature drop.

Uniform distribution of heat

Heat in ceramic ware is distributed evenly on all cooking surface, as a result you should not worry that some part of products will burn while another will remain crude. It ware from ceramics is similar to cast iron, but the real cast iron needs special processing every time after you have used it, and the ceramics does not.

Temperature drop

Ceramic ware can sustain very high temperature, it is suitable for oven, the microwave oven, naked flame. But after you have cooled ceramics, food in it can be stored in the fridge and even in the freezing chamber.

Besides ceramic ware – well holds heat therefore you can cook in it gentle and fragrant dishes at long minimum heating and also act as thermos, keeping I go more hotly.


In durability can compete to ceramic ware unless cast iron. The surface of ceramics is not subject to corrosion, it is resistant to cracks, chips, scratches. The truth with one exception – clay ceramics which bursts more often and at careless handling can break.

Ecological properties

Those who are disturbed by safety of cooking, choose ceramic ware because it is nereagentna, that is in normal condition it does not react with acids and also when heating does not emit the hazardous substances, such as zinc, cadmium and others, potentially dangerous, chemicals.


It is easy to wash ceramic the dishes. As food in it does not burn to bottom, you can easily remove all leftovers. If nevertheless something has stuck from cooking surface or to ceramics walls, you can use any cleaning powders, without being afraid of scratches. Ceramic the dishes can be washed in the dishwasher, without being afraid to damage it.


Ceramic ware is almost universal – you can store in it products, both on shelves, and in the fridge, to prepare in it, to use in the decorative purposes for decoration of the house and even to plant flowers in ceramic pots.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team