Provence in interior

Provence in interior

Provence – style of the French small village, cozy and solar, but at the same time distinguished, as well as France.


1. Of course, ideally this style will fit into country and country houses, but also in the apartment it is possible to create rural cosiness. The first what it is worth paying attention to, it windows, in Provence they differ in the big sizes. The French window from floor to ceiling will be ideal. Doors choose white, it is possible slightly shabby and with flower painting.

2. Color gamma in this style pastel, all colors muffled, which kind of have burned out in the sun. White color is often dominating, it is aktsentno possible to bring also bright colors.

3. For finishing of walls use board, either natural, or colored. Rural plaster, stone, old colored brickwork and wall-paper with gentle flower ornament also ideal partners of Provence.

4. Lay board on the floor, it has to look in a rural way, the varnish parquet will not approach here. The tile as on floor, for example terracotta, and in finishing of the room, for example, apron of kitchen from glazed tile is relevant for Provence.

5. Furniture for Provence is carried out from tree which is often painted in white, olive, light blue colors. Furniture it is desirable to make old, scrapes, cracks and the peeled-off paint are highlight of Provence. In form the furniture is approximate to classical motives, upholstered furniture can be both simple, and refined. Except wooden furniture the wicker and shod furniture is characteristic of Provence.

6. Choose textiles with flower motives, in strip or in cage, it is possible to give preference and to monophonic fabrics. Tie up curtains or drape. Just for decoration decorate covers with ruches. Choose only natural fabrics, for example linen or cotton, lace is appropriate.

7. As accessories choose the wattled and forged small baskets, vases. On walls hang up landscapes and gentle still lifes. Put bouquets from fresh or compositions from the dried flowers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team