Racks as partitions - the design ideas

Racks as partitions - the design ideas

The rack as partition is most often used in studio apartments. Besides, it will perfectly look in interior of the spacious living room. By means of rack it is possible to separate the placement on thematic zones. Such reception does the apartment cozy and suitable for accommodation.

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1. The rack can be established in any place of inhabited prostrantstvo. However more often it becomes to differentiate the room. For example, to separate sleeping zone from the living room. For this purpose perfectly the rack model with through regiments will approach. On shelves place in chessboard order books, vases, souvenirs brought from other countries. Leave several shelves free: through them sunlight will get. If you completely fill shelves of rack, it will serve as obstacle for light. Then you should do additional lighting on ceiling in zone where light does not get.

2. In the living room there are 2 main options of placement of rack. If the living room sizes allow, order angular rack. Move up one part to wall, and other part has to stand perpendicularly. Thus, you divide the living room into two zones. In one of them put sofa, and in other zone arrange chairs and coffee table. The second option for the living room is the rack having height of 1-1.2 meters. It can also stand near sofa. Not the high rack is suitable for the small living room. It will make the vacation spot extremely pleasant and cozy.

3. If you live in the studio apartment, but you have no separate niche for bed, the rack will help to fence off the place for night rest. It is desirable to establish it sideways to bed. If your rack small, and reminds bedside table rather, put on it the flat TV. Now move up rack to bottom of bed or dispose closer to sofa. So, you will be able to watch TV sitting or lying.

4. If you have small apartment, choose rack with sliding lower boxes. You will be able to store bed linen, clothes and other necessary things in them. The top regiments of such rack have to be through that through them sunlight got. If you wish to fence off hall zone, it is easy to make it by means of rack. Choose options with such boxes or regiments where you will be able to store footwear conveniently. It is desirable that the rack was in harmony with other furniture in the hall.

5. Using rack, it is possible without efforts to create lunch zone indoors. Dispose it closer to window or balcony. Over dining table surely hang up additional luminous source: this zone should not be dark. Designers do not recommend to choose massive and high racks for lunch zone. More likely, he has to remind normal screen or partition.

6. The rack box with regiments for books, souvenirs and flowers will perfectly fit into interior of the children's room. By means of such rack separate sleeping and game zone from desk behind which the child does homework. Thanks to it he will not be distracted by toys and other things in game zone. On shelves of rack put the objects necessary for the child first of all: textbooks, notebooks, sketchbook, paints and so on.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team