Ranunkulyusa: landing, cultivation and care in the open ground and houses in pot

Ranunkulyusa: landing, cultivation and care in the open ground and houses in pot

Ranunkulyusa it is possible to grow up houses and in the open ground, at the correct leaving the elegant flowers will please all season. The bright red, yellow, white and pink buds which are buried in magnificent verdure effectively look in flowerpots and containers, is proud flaunt on beds, miksborder and jobs. The plant does not require special care, but observance of all agrotechnical subtleties guarantees long blossoming and high survival of seedling.

Ranunkulyusa in the open ground

Ranunkulyus is the representative of family of crowfoot family it is from Asia Minor. On the basis of wild-growing types the cultivars differing in variety of coloring and forms are removed. It is most widespread ranunkulyus houses, Asian, suitable for cultivation, and jumping to the open ground. Flowers on strong stalks remind tiny roses and look very decoratively.

The plant prefers the easy, nutritious soil and timely watering. The constant shortage of moisture to stop process of setting of buds, but also pereuvlazhnyat soil is not necessary, it can provoke emergence of mold and rotting of stalks. Ideal soil for buttercup – chernozem mix with peat or sand. On loams the flowers grow badly.

It is possible to make multiple copies ranunkulyusa seeds and tubers, the second way is much more convenient. For landing choose the strong, viable klubenk which have dried up or too soft copies are discarded. The planting stock is retted in warm water for 10 hours.

That ranunkulyusa have blossomed quicker, the preliminary prorashchivaniye is recommended. Klubenki is landed in the containers half filled with nutritious soil. Moderate watering and protection against rodents is necessary. In 2 weeks there are first sprouts and buttercups move to the open ground. Landings carry out in May when the soil enough gets warm.

It is better to land ranunkulyusa in half-shade, the site has to be protected from drafts. The soil is dug over, spilled fundazoly, bring portion of humus or peat. Under each plant dig out hole, on bottom the layer of coarse sand keeps within. If ranunkulyusa were not couched, tubers ret in warm water or turn in damp moss. Distance between plants – 10-15 cm. In the first day it is better to close saplings nonwoven fabric for the night, it will save klubenk from accidental frosts.

It is simple to look after Asian buttercups. Moderate watering, scarification and removal of weeds is necessary. Each 2 weeks potash fertilizers which can be alternated to organic chemistry are introduced. In the fall tubers dig out, process fundazoly, dry and remove on storage till spring.

Care for ranunkulyusy in house conditions

That plants looked most decoratively, in one flowerpot land several copies. On bottom of pot fill haydite layer, fill capacity with nutritious light soil with the high content of peat. Previously wetted klubenk land so that tops remained on surface. For successful germination the moderate watering is necessary.

Before emergence of sprouts indoors maintain temperature about 12 degrees. When ranunkulyusa start in growth, increase temperature to 20 degrees and move pots on bright light. When warm weather is established, capacity with flowers can be exposed on open balcony or verandah. During season of blossoming of ranunkulyusa several times feed up complex mineral fertilizer.

Abundant watering is necessary during growth when ranunkulyusa blossom, the amount of moisture is reduced. After the end of blossoming the watering is stopped, plants begin to be prepared for winter. When stalks dry, cut off them, tubers dig out and replace in fresh soil, and pots move to the cool shaded place. In April there are first sprouts, tanks from ranunkulyusa transfer to bright light, strengthen watering and wait for emergence of the first buds.

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