Reasons of withering of wild strawberry

Reasons of withering of wild strawberry

Plants can wither from lack of moisture. And if it is enough, but bushes after all turn yellow, grow brown, plastatsya on the ground, cease to grow? The reason can be in wild strawberry disease of vertitsillezny withering.

The sockets received from such berry bushes do not suit for landing. Fault to all the mushroom which is in the soil (it can remain in it up to 13 years), which, filling vessels of roots, corks them, and they do not carry out already either water, or nutrients.

Initial signs of vertitsillezny withering can be recognized at the end of May - June. The secondary disease outbreak is necessary for the end of August - September. Most strongly it grades "" Festival"", ""Dawn"", ""the Beauty of Zagorye"" are surprised, Komsomolskaya Pravda, and is less - ""Than Zenga - zengan"", ""Mascot"", ""Purple"". Sometimes on wild strawberry also fitoftorozny withering meets. Signs its following: emergence in the basis of scapes of leaves of the banding brown spots, fall and dying off of leaves, peduncles with the tied green berries, redtop, and then blackening of core of rhizomes, dying off of fibrillose roots, full death of plant in 1-2 years.

As soon as you notice the plants struck with vertitsillezny or fitoftorozny withering immediately remove them, to zakompostiruyta or burn. Disinfect pole chloric lime (100 g on bush). It is impossible to plant new plants of wild strawberry on this place from 6 to 13 years. Remember that risky to put zemlyanichnik on the site where before grew potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, squash, pumpkin - after them can remain the infection centers. It is better to plant seedling on pure steam or after carrots, fennel, leguminous cultures.

Also other predecessors - calendula, marigold, onions, garlic are good. Some gardeners, using fitontsidny sovystvo of these plants, grow up them together with wild strawberry. Having noticed that on your site any plants suffer from withering, before laying of zemlyanichnik in the fall (under spring landing) or in the spring (under autumn landing) bring in the soil 85 - percentage powder thiazone (10-15 kg on hundred part), and when landing or in 5-7 days after it water 0.2 - percentage solution of the benlat (150-200 g under each plant).

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