Red color in interior design

Red color in interior design

Red color by right is considered one of the brightest, dynamic and also provocative in range. Shades of red are widespread everywhere. This color can be met in the nature, in surrounding objects and practically everywhere. And though it is so widespread, it nevertheless should be used with care during creation of interior of the room.

Red color has strong impact on mentality of the person therefore it is necessary to add to registration it intelligently. We will consider pluses and minuses of use of red color and also possibility of its combination to other shades below. 

Minuses of significant amount red in interior

This color has the irritating and strong exciting effect on nervous system of the person. Therefore, long stay in the room issued in red tones negatively will affect emotional state. This color can cause irritation, concern. The excessive quantity red strongly tires and significantly reduces working capacity.

If walls of the room are issued in red, then it will make the room visually less. The strongest effect of pressure and reduction of space give clean shade and red-orange.

Pluses of use of red color

If red color is used at registration competently and harmoniously, then it gives to people considerable charge of energy, significantly lightens the mood.

Red shades also positively influence libido, increase sexual energy.

This color can form festive mood. It perfectly is suitable for holidays, parties, various celebrations. It is worth remembering concert or the auditoriums decorated in red color (or its shades).

Red color is used during creation of various ethnic interiors. For example, he can be met in the rooms made in the Arab or Chinese styles.

Color combinations. Red and …

Red and white

It is the successful combination allowing to reduce aggression of red color. Due to addition white the harmonious interior creating feeling of ease, freedom is formed. Also thanks to white the room visually extends, and the area of the room seems more.

Red and black

This combination, unlike the first, on the contrary creates feeling of the pressing aggression, gloom, strength. Red and black in the pure color extremely seldom act in couple at registration of interior. Most often use their shades allowing to soften aggression. For example, black and burgundy can present to the room the atmosphere of aristocraticness, refinement.

Most often the similar combination is diluted in white, silvery or gold color. Thanks to the first two space visually extends. Gold shades give to interior certain solemnity, luxury.

Red and orange (or other warm shades)

At combination with red orange or yellow extinguish aggression of this color a little, significantly reduce negative impact on nervous system. However similar combinations are very stimulating and exciting. Registration of the room in similar flowers perhaps in case room uninhabited. For example, the combination red and yellow perfectly will be suitable for fitness studio, shop, the game room, etc.

Red and green

The similar combination in registration of interior meets quite often. Thanks to contrast which is created red and green the room looks bright, effective. However it is worth remembering that these two colors strengthen the friend of rug, therefore, near green red will be even brighter, and its impact on mentality – is even stronger.

Red and gray

The similar combination perfectly will be suitable for working rooms and in living rooms will look excellent. Gray color allows to lower significantly pressure of red, harmonizes it, reduces the general exciting action. The room issued in these shades differs in cosiness and feeling of spaciousness.

Registration of interior in red tones allows to increase activity, vital force, tone. But along with it long stay in the similar room can negatively affect nervous system, cause fatigue, irritation. That there were no such unpleasant moments, red it is necessary to dilute with others, softer and light, shades.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team