Registration of design of kitchen with bay window

Registration of design of kitchen with bay window

As a rule, the bay window is part of the room, rectangular, round or many-sided shape which supports borders of the plane of walls with large number of windows. Also there are more difficult options of forms. Availability in kitchen of bay window in carefully thought over interior does it very original and cozy.

Bay window in registration of kitchen interior. If in planning of the apartment or house the bay window has fallen on kitchen, then it can be used in several options, but without doing this part of the room central.

1. In the territory of bay window it is possible to place winter garden. To plants there will be enough light all the year round.

2. It is also possible to place work area. To expand windowsills, having made of them table-top. Process of cooking with the pleasant overview in window.3. The option of creation of work area is separately possible, having established table for the notebook, needlework accessories, office accessory.4. The bay window very much is suitable for creation of zone for lunches as its form often allows to place round table with large number of seats, benches, chairs, sofa. It is possible to consider material of dining table: the tree will look more comfortably, and glass will give lighter modern style.

5. When in kitchen triangular bay window, its total area it is not too big. There is sense to unite zones by means of table-top. Will be convenient to design bar counter. Complexity in design of kitchen with bay window is the equipment of several zones at once: dining room, kitchen and rest. It will be simpler to be made if the planned territory is big. But it is anyway important to use the place most rationally, not to close curtain daylight from window. In that case bookshelves, racks, bar counters and similar designs can help. Also division of zones can achieve by mounting of multilevel ceiling and lighting. Separately attention should be paid to floor covering – it has to be continuous. It is desirable to mount all designs from light hardly noticeable materials. Interior of kitchen with bay window. The complexity of such design consists in the correct selection of curtains and not overloaded situation. In this regard, considering different styles of interior, perhaps, to use various blinds and the Roman curtains. One curtain closing all windows will be suitable for triangular bay window. Separate curtains will be suitable for narrow windows in design of bay window. Options from tulle and organza are in addition possible – if the dining room zone is planned. It is desirable to use colors light and air.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team