Registration of the children's room

Registration of the children's room

Repair is always responsible and expensive action. When business concerns repair of the nursery, expenses and responsibility increase, not only the functionality and creative approach, but also safety of the child are important. It is also important to consider that the child grows, and its tastes and requirements change. Therefore the design of the children's room needs to be thought over to trifles.


1. Begin with the choice of wall-paper or paint for walls. The best decision will be that choice which emphasizes identity of your child and at the same time creates harmony and cosiness indoors. Do not choose too bright colors and wall-paper overloaded with large multi-color drawings: it can badly affect emotional health of your kid.

2. Particular importance should be attached to floor. Linoleum – not the best choice as it is quickly soiled and deformed. Pay attention to safe "heat-insulated floors" and carpets if you have small children, small children most of all like to play on floor.

3. Furniture has to be multipurpose and easy. Give preference to bunk beds with game or work area below, to the built-in bedside tables and folding tables if your child already rather big. For small children set of furniture can be limited to table, stool, cabinet and bed: it is much more important interesting and safe decorative elements in the form of unusual night lamps or appliques on furniture and walls for them.

4. Use various methods of zoning of the room to separate work area, game zone and zone of dream. Such division can be made by means of normal arrangement of furniture in necessary places. Do not use podiums and wide screens as in the nursery they will be inappropriate and in certain cases can cause trauma.

5. Light should not be too bright or too dim. It is desirable that each zone had the necessary lighting. Use the recessed lighting fittings, night lamps and desk lamps for school students at decor of the children's room.

6. You should not neglect desires of the child. Surely ask that your kid wants before getting to work. The ideal option is to decorate the room together.

7. Try not to be guided by stereotypes. "Pink-blue" registration not relevant and limits long ago the child in creative development. It is possible to add only some elements at the request of the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team