Reproduction of hydrangeas: main ways

Reproduction of hydrangeas: main ways

Hydrangeas are flowers which very few people leave indifferent. There is set of ways of reproduction of hydrangeas: seeds, cherenkovaniye, layers and prikopy.

Reproduction of hydrangea seeds

Hydrangea seeds very small, as are done by process labor-consuming. Before landing the stratification is not required. Seeds need to be planted on seedling in February. Before vyseivaniye it is necessary to pave the way, namely, mix of the sheet, peat earth and sand. It is the best of all to use small tanks. From above it is necessary to cover container with film or glass. The most important condition is abundant moistening. After formation of the second real leaflet the disembarkation to the constant place is allowed.

Reproduction of hydrangea cherenkovaniye

This way to apply to reproduction of hydrangea is recommended at the beginning of May or in the second half of June and the beginning of July. The first stage it is necessary to pave the way. It is possible to buy ready mix especially for hydrangeas or will be suitable for coniferous trees. It has to be sour. The soil needs to be mixed with sand in percentage fifty on fifty.

It is necessary to choose shanks. Those which have 2-3 interstices and 3 kidneys are suitable for reproduction. Cutting of shank is made 2-2.5 centimeters below than the third kidney. If shank big, it is necessary to make cut 5 mm higher than the first kidney. With large number of leaves, lower are removed, and the top, remained leaf is cut for evaporation reduction.

Shanks land in pots which are established to the dark place. Surely you watch humidity level, constantly spraying plants with water. At the correct leaving in two months, roots will appear. In the spring change in more spacious pot is carried out. In June-July it is possible to carry out planting of plant in soil on the constant place.

Reproduction of hydrangea layers

This way is unproductive. For implementation of reproduction of this type external very young branches are unbent and pinned to the earth in in advance prepared hole of 15 centimeters in depth. Further escapes are fixed by brackets and their ends become attached to pegs. For acceleration of growth of roots at the depth of hole on the lower part of branch the small cut into which the match is inserted becomes. The bases are powdered with the earth mixed with peat. Further it is necessary to humidify constantly the soil for rooting. This type of reproduction is effective during the autumn or spring period.

Reproduction of hydrangea prikopy

This option will suit those who already have bush of hydrangea and it is necessary to seat it. It is necessary to trench in in August or September when the plant has already well taken roots. On bush there should not be weak and not quite ripe branches, otherwise it is possible to ruin flower. The bush the earth gets, roots have to be laid below than branches which are located fan, and are condensed. In the spring the number of escapes equal to number of kidneys will get out. Further they are partitioned and land as independent plants.

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