Reproduction of roses shanks

Reproduction of roses shanks

Flower growers know that for reproduction of roses and receiving saplings it is enough to learn to grow up of them from shanks.

Rose - all favourite, but rather choosy flower. Therefore to avoid mistakes, it is necessary to use the checked methods of experienced flower growers.

1. It is necessary to process the tool, hands and working surface spirit solution as this work demands respect for purity.

2. Sharp secateurs to cut off shanks with 3 knots from the middle of the blossoming escape. Further it is necessary to make two cuts. Top - straight line, kidneys, and lower - braid are 5-7 mm higher, kidneys are 1.5-2 mm lower. To remove the lower leaf, and half to truncate the others that moisture evaporated less.

3. To place the chosen shanks in one-liter jars with water (it is possible to use also other suitable tanks). It is necessary to use the clear settled not boiled water without chlorine content. Water has to cover the lower cut on 1-2 cm. To place banks with shanks in the sun. In process of evaporation, water will need to be added to the necessary level (at the same time you should not disturb or pull out shanks).

4. In 10-12 days on the lower cut the tylosis will be formed. And in five days shanks it is necessary carefully, trying not to damage, land in the prepared pots or in shkolka on the site. To pave the way for landing from humus, sand, peat and the cespitose earth (in the ratio 0.5:1:1:1.).

5. To cover the landed shanks with the can which is slightly darkened from within. The soil needs to be supported in damp state, but not pereuvlazhnyat. In week on shanks kidneys will begin to appear. After emergence of buds of plant it is necessary to accustom gradually to environmental conditions and to remove banks.

6. Further leaving is expressed in regular watering and loosening. Full-fledged saplings will be ready in the spring and they can be landed on the constant place. The place of landing has to be solar and windless.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team