Rose: history and our time

Rose: history and our time

For a long time and throughout all history, all civilizations idolized roses, and called heart flower. The earliest known gardening was planting of roses along regular routes of nomads.

It is known that the very first roses blossomed more than 35 million years ago – for example hips, and remains of wreaths which in the Egyptian tombs have hardened from roses have been found in Europe.

In the historical period

Romans so wished to exceed Greeks that the emperor Nero (the 1st age of N aa), has ordered to dump billions of lobes of roses on guests.

Cleopatra used lobes as seduction charms, having covered with them all the rooms. Misters visiting her for a long time have remembered such gesture and, having slightly scented aroma of roses, at once remembered Cleopatra.

Ladies from society appreciated lobes as jewelry as considered that they will help to prevent early aging and to get rid of wrinkles. They were added to milk pans, to tea and wine. People believed that the rose-petal in wine will be able to save from alcoholism.

The earliest known images of roses are frescos and have been found in Crete about 1600 B.C.(The Roses of Heliogabalus — "Rose Geliogabala" Lawrence's picture Alma-Tadema, 1888.)

Modern period

The rose has gained popularity by means of the hybrid sister - tea rose of "La France" which was removed by the French manufacturer Giyo since 1867. At that time the grade was considered as non-reproducible because of several gardening features. But by the end of the 20th century more than 10,000 hybrid tea roses have been planted.

To garden roses the empress of the 19th century had interest also – Josephine, Bonaparte's wife. Her dream was to create big rosary where all existing grades of roses will gather.


Now Roza is the most popular symbol of love among flowers. Each person on the earth saw roses, someone knows about them much, and almost each girl will be happy to receive it as a gift. It not only symbolical at the love relations, but also is suitable for congratulation in everyday life.

About its curative, rejuvenating and even mystical properties many centuries go, both legends, and scientific articles. Even presently people continue to believe that the presented bouquet of roses will wake in the receiver tender feelings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team