Roses after the wintering - removal of the winter shelter

Roses after the wintering - removal of the winter shelter

The wintered roses often perish because of untimely release from the shelter.

Here also there have come warm spring days, remained behind cold winter months, and contain with them the period of wintering of roses has ended. The careful shelter of roses for the winter not always saves bushes from death. We make big mistakes during spring season. Sometimes rosebushes were wintered perfectly and branches remained green, and availability of green leaflets, everything says about what the rose has wintered. But there pass days, and we notice darkening of branches and death of bush. We have not attached significance to important point of removal of shelters after the rewintering.

   One of the basic rules – not to be late and not to exempt roses from the shelter before the put term. In the first spring month when snow begins to thaw, the frameworks partially become bare, for extension of rest of flowers we abandon the bared sites with snow. In April days there occurs warming and intensive thawing of snow. During this period shovel away snow from shelters and temporarily open faces for airing. When the threat of strong frosts passes, faces leave not closed, but bushes still remain are covered. If to exempt rosebushes from the shelter earlier, then with air rise of temperature the plant starts in growth, but in this case roots can remain in the frozen earth and will not give the required power supply to plant for this reason we observe death of roses.

We start removal of the shelter gradually, previously having made sure that the soil around roots has thawed on depth of 15-20 centimeters. We remove ukryvny material in cloudy weather or in the evening, but we try to pritenit plants fir twigs, paper or cardboard. Priteny roses, we will prevent damage of stalks from solar burn. Accurately otgrebay okuchka from bushes if in the fall bushes have been hilled. The soil under bush to podrykhlit and zamulchirovat.

After removal of shelters we carry out cutting of the damaged stalks. Cuts, as well as all bush, we process 1% medicine of copper vitriol or solution of manganese. Let's see off having watered with warm water and we feed up nitrogen-containing fertilizers or organic chemistry.

To return not woken up roses to life, we part in 10 liters of water 1 ampoule of "Zircon" and Tsitovit and we water with this solution plant at the roots that stimulates work of root system. Cultivation of roses – fascinating occupation. If you want to grow up at yourself beautiful rosary, it is necessary to work, roses require to themselves special attention. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team