Rules of care for house plants

Rules of care for house plants

The attention and leaving are necessary for plants. They are not capable to take care of themselves, and if to neglect rules of leaving or not to study them, plants can die.

Houseplants can be seen almost in each house. They are necessary for people not only for beauty or as the design decision, but also for improvement of ecology of the house, receiving useful components for medicines. That plants blossomed and pleased the owners, certain leaving is necessary.

Receiving the healthy and actively blossoming plants does not require a lot of time, considerable monetary expenses or special skill. It is enough to study the basic and general rules of leaving.

It is impossible to allow extremes in leaving, it is impossible and to forget about algorithm of necessary actions. The plant cannot wait until remember it, it gets sick and perishes. Therefore one of the major rules – moderation. It needs to be observed in everything: watering, fertilizing, mechanical influence, etc.

At plants the energy consumption reduction mode, that is dormant period is started in the winter. At this time it is necessary to watch pets as they do not need resources as much, how many at other moments. It is worth watering them less often. To make fertilizing and other actions only as required.

Plants need to give several minutes a day attentively to examine their general external state. To check whether there were no disturbing signs in the form of specks, specks or the drying-up leaves. It is also necessary to delete the dying-off parts in the form of the dried-up leaves and buds in time. It will allow not to spend excess resources and will support the pet.

At external inspection it is also necessary to pay attention to appearance of wreckers and pathogenic bacteria. The fungi, disputes, viruses, mold detected at early stage can be removed quickly and without special consequences. Otherwise the health of plant can not only thoroughly be affected, it can die.

For growth and development of plant it is necessary to provide necessary minimum of external conditions of keeping: light, temperature conditions, water, the location, humidity, the soil and also capacity in which it lands.

In the conditions of limited lighting the process of photosynthesis in fabrics slows down that involves deterioration in exterior and the general condition of plant. Therefore it is necessary to provide pets with additional source of lighting.  

The soil for plant has to be rich with nutritious mineral substances without which development, growth and blossoming is impossible. Also substrate should not be friable, otherwise the flower will not be able to be fixed, or very dense that can lead to rotting of root system. For elimination of problem of water retention by the soil it is necessary to provide the system of drainage at the bottom of capacity.

Nutrient medium of substrate is quickly exhausted therefore it is necessary to feed up plants in time. The structure of fertilizing has to be balanced and contain those elements which suit specific type of plant. But without fail it has to include nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus – these substances are necessary for growth and blossoming.

It is necessary to water plants regularly. How and when to do it, depends on look and grade of the pet and season.

For the best growth and development of plant it is worth carrying out number of other actions:

  • loosening;
  • cutting and nipping;
  • spraying;
  • polish and wiping of leaflets from dust congestions;
  • flight connections;
  • prevention of pathogenic bacteria and wreckers.

Following these rules and conditions, it is possible to grow up houses the real flower bed which will be pleasing to the eye and will become pride subject.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team