Rules of make-up for small eyes

Rules of make-up for small eyes

of some shortcomings and deviations from canon of beauty gives inconvenience and imparts complexes. However not to all on pocket of service of the professional makeup artist, it is even possible to tell that they are not obligatory at all. The girl herself can bring the appearance to ideal by means of cosmetics.

When the make-up purpose – correction, the large role is played by form, density and color of eyebrows. Dense, wide eyebrows are not suitable for small eyes, much the best decision will be to make eyebrow more thinly and above, having used tweezers or nippers. Hairs of eyebrows have to lie in parallel each other.

Sometimes, that eyes seem small and inexpressive when the shape of eyebrows is picked up incorrectly. Most often the most suitable form is natural which should be corrected tweezers, having removed excessive hairs. But happens that the shape of eyebrows given by nature does not approach. Then it is the best of all to take advice at the choice of ideal form or to visit the expert.

If eyes are deeply put, light eye shadow will become excellent basis. The problem of the hanging century will be solved by blackout of primary color in external corners of eyes. Also this reception is suitable for hollow and wide eyes.

Drawing dark shadows on all surface of mobile century will be serious mistake, this reception will make eyes even more small.

If there are by nature long and dense eyelashes, then quite will be rather black or brown ink, depending on make-up type (day or evening). It is necessary to carry out by brush towards external corner of eye to create visibility of open look and big eyes. If eyelashes especially do not differ in density and length, it is necessary to use pencil or eyeliner. The thick line of eyeliner will only aggravate problem. It is necessary to emphasize accurately the line of eyelashes, to slightly allocate it and to shade sponge or brush. It is not necessary to allocate with pencil or eyeliner internal corner of eye. The color of shadows for make-up depends on color of eyes and time of day. The day make-up provides soft, superficial, natural colors. For make-up for the evening it is possible to add bright accents. Blue-eyed and gray-eyed girls perfectly will suit beige and natural-pink shadows. Green eyes will favourably look with nacreous shades, shadows of gentle-orange shade will also approach. Brown-eyed girls can use in make-up of shadow of natural flowers: brown, olive at warm tsvetotip and sea shades, if tsvetotip cold.

It is necessary to use eye shadow white pencil from below closer directly to iris of the eye. The mascara applied on the lower contour and in external corner of eye will help to finish make-up of eyes.

The finished make-up of eyes will be insufficient in order that the look became more expressive. Correctly picked up tone is important for the person. Often the effect of small eyes is reached because of circles under eyes which can be disguised concealer, tone or just correction of the mode of dream. Sometimes the reason of dark circles under eyes – unstable means of make-up therefore it is worth choosing shadows and ink attentively. The line of cheekbones allocated with dark tone will emphasize beauty of eyes. The blush of unostentatious shade put on face will help to achieve natural gloss of eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team