Rules of the choice of mattress for bed

Rules of the choice of mattress for bed

The backbone of the person which the whole day is standing or in sitting position experiences enormous strain. To provide good rest to back muscles, to straighten intervertebral disks and to restore forces after intense day, the person needs rest in horizontal position not less than 7 hours. At the same time both the pillow, and mattress are important.

Not only good rest, but also human health depends on quality of the chosen mattress, incorrectly chosen mattress can lead to development of pathological deformations of backbone. Advertizing dazzles with offers of orthopedic models and also those that are able to take the form of body and to remember it. Doctors incline to opinion that all this no more, than the advertizing course, and convenient mattress has to perform only two functions:

- to maintain body weight, without being deformed, - to take the corresponding form, that is to be comfortable.

On way of production the mattresses happen:

- spring in which springs bound among themselves in the special way "Bonnel", - collected from blocks of independent springs where each spring is placed in separate cover, both its compression and release does not depend on next. Such mattresses allow to reach the most comfortable position which will be supported during all dream.

For qualitative block mattress set of springs has to make not less than 256 pieces on one square meter.

Springless mattresses make of the integral block of natural latex. Mattresses which filling is made by willock (coir fiber), liquid or air belong to this category. For filling of cheaper models use various structures, from natural (felt, horsehair), to artificial (foam rubber, sintepon). Almost all mattresses are supplied with the air vents providing free access of air in product.

In modern manufacturing techniques of mattresses most often apply such fillers as latex and horsehair.

Expensive models usually have the basis which is made of thin wooden frame with cross elastic lamels. Lamels spring that together with mattress creates additional comfortable conditions. At the expense of lamels it is possible to regulate rigidity. By the way, in the absence of opportunity to buy mattress with the basis, it is possible to get bed with orthopedic support. In view of prevalence they are inexpensive, and the effect will be the same. If you do not get enough sleep, in the mornings feel back pain, weight in legs, condition of "weakness" if your mattress is more than ten years old, stick out springs and stick into your sides, the product insufferably creaks at the slightest movement or slips from bed together with you when you turn over on other side, - it is time to get replacement! Upon purchase of mattress to pay attention to manufacturer of mattress, give preference to the companies with name. Choosing rigidity of mattress, you remember what should not be been zealous, you not the yogi. Springs or filler have to support your body, but not give feeling that you have laid down on timber floor. Do not hesitate to lie down on product, to check the feelings in respect of comfort lying surely. Also you remember that penny-wise and pound-foolish therefore, choosing mattress, be not taken prisoner illusions that the cheap mattress meets all your requirements.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team