Secretaries for the house: pluses and minuses

Secretaries for the house: pluses and minuses

Multipurpose furniture has appeared several centuries ago when in the course still there were huge apartments, but not small-sized apartments. One of great views of this furniture is the secretary which finds application still.

History of creation of secretary

There was secretary in the 18th century. However, some sources claim that creation of this furniture belongs to the 12th century. Desks in ladies' boudoirs then were not so women wrote the letters and unburdened the heart to diaries behind secretary.

Modern secretaries were modernized, but still represent cabinet with the folding shelf which is designed to play table-top role. Initially the secretary was considered as furniture only for ladies' boudoirs, but then and men have paid attention to its multifunctionality.

Advantages of secretary

Large number of drawers allows to store in secretary all necessary including important papers. These boxes have complex system of locks and locks that protects internal contents from public eyes. Thanks to the locked cover the secretary can be used also as the safe for storage of money, jewelry or securities. The secretary is also cabinet. So in its upper part it is possible to place books, ware, clothes. The lower part of secretary can be executed in the form of dresser or bedside table that also makes extra space for storage of the necessary things. The secretary is irreplaceable for small-sized apartments. It combines in itself(himself) at once several necessary types of furniture which usually could not be put. Modern secretaries are part of furniture set and represent one of wall sections. Thus, having cast away cover, you can equip to yourself workplace. The secretary is ideal for the place equipment for study. It is difficult to find the place for installation of desk in the small apartment, and the secretary will perfectly cope with this function.

Secretary shortcomings

Despite the multifunctionality, secretary nevertheless not ideal option of multipurpose furniture. Flap lid of secretary (table-top) not so big to serve as computer table – on it you will not install the desktop computer. And behind the notebook it will be not too convenient to work. The secretary is not intended for long work behind it. This furniture nevertheless for women who sat down to table to outline couple of lines in the diary was created or to write the letter, but not for modern women who not only at office work but also strive to bring work on the house. During operating time behind secretary the knees will rest against drawers or doors of its lower part that does not promote comfortable pastime.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team