Secrets of construction methods of houses from bar

Secrets of construction methods of houses from bar

At individual construction of wooden houses usually use two methods. At the first construction is built in one stage. Frame houses belong to this category, for example. In the second case the house is under construction in two steps: in the beginning construct box, for example, from bar and when it is stood, carry out the finishing finishing. Construction of houses from bar has the technology subtleties.

Advantages of houses from bar

Framework structures are considered as simpler and convenient in terms of technology of their construction. And still houses from bar enjoy bigger popularity in the market of individual construction of housing. In what secret of appeal of houses from bar for the end user?

The first reason of such choice – economic. To the frame house it is possible to drive right after completion of construction, but most often it is necessary to pay for it all sum at a time. And here the house build of the bar which is dried up under natural conditions in several stages, respectively and payment for work of builders, as a rule, is brought by parts, upon completion of the next stage of construction of the house.

Other reason is connected with the fact that framework structures do not seem to the consumer reliable and solid. Many customers of houses of individual construction are sure that it is easy to destroy the frame building. It is considered that the reliable house has to be massive. Really, on the utilization properties the houses from bar do not concede to constructions from thick log.

The house from bar: choice of the base

The initial cycle of construction of the building from bar assumes base construction. Houses from bar, as a rule, put on the continuous, column or plate footings. If you want to minimize costs of construction of the house, choose column type of the basis. More expensive and reliable way installation of the house on the piles which are strictly connected among themselves by the reinforced concrete ribbon – grillage is considered.

The pile bases have well proved on the soft soils, for example, having peat inclusions.

The plate base has the basis reinforced concrete slab. The house leans on it all walls. It is the best of all to use such basis in those places where underground waters lie highly. It is necessary to know that the plate base is more expensive column or pile, its bookmark requires large amount of concrete and armature. Continuous footing is rather cheap and quite reliable. It presents itself(himself) horizontal frame in the form of the tape having the identical form of section. The tape is located under all load bearing walls of the house that allows to distribute evenly loading and to eliminate possible deformations of design. This type of the base is widely applied at construction of houses from bar, being considered as universal.

As it is correct to choose bar

On sale you can meet bar of natural humidity of various sizes. Today more often use bar with a section of 100х150 mm, and for overlappings – with a section of 150х200 mm. It is the best of all to choose the bar made of perfect round timber. It will be more expensive, but such costs pay off quality of such material and its durability. The bar with a section of 100х100 mm popular once is applied now more and more seldom. Walls from such material are less resistant to low temperatures therefore they need additional warming. Honor the cost of similar bar same as at preparations of bigger section, but the labor input of construction of the house increases, the quantity of the wreaths which are subject to laying increases approximately by one and a half times. In proportion to it also the quantity of seams which will be required to be caulked up grows.

It is also necessary to know that the small section of bar limits the house wall length which can be built without additional stiffening fins.

Assembly of walls of the house from bar

Construction of design from bar is carried out usually directly on the place of its installation. Widely apply two ways of connection of corners: "in oblo" and "in claw". The choice is defined by features of general architecture and addictions of future owner of the house. If you are going to warm and sheathe the house subsequently, then it is necessary to choose the cabin "in claw". Begin to collect walls from installation on the basis of the first wreath performing function of binding. After fastening of corners put sealant on the lower wreath, and on it already establish bar of the next wreath. Consistently spreading wreath behind wreath, lift wall according to the planned height of the first floor. Then mount overlappings, and if necessary build over them penthouse or the second floor.

Completion phase of construction of the house from bar

When walls of felling are established, it is possible to pass to laying of floors. Usually they are done double, using at the same time heater which at the same time performs function of sound insulation. Logs, as a rule, produce from bar of the same section, as house wall. Sometimes during creation of so-called draft floor to logs in the lower part eaves boards fix. After that from rabbeted floorboard lay finished floor. There comes time of arrangement of roof of the house. Very often houses from bar of country type have penthouse which demands more warmed roof. Builders apply such cunning: at the first stage of construction construct temporary roof from roofing material, and before completion of construction change it for constant. After installation of roof and covering its roofing material in the house mount windows and doors. There are two possible options. It is possible to establish these elements at once, without waiting for drying of felling. And it is possible to wait when the last stage of construction of the house is completed. This way is more preferable as the house will be gradually defended and sink, and shrinkage will not lead to significant deformation of all design. And, at last, after the house will shrink, and the bar will dry, make warming of walls, interior and exterior finish of the building. Very often ready house is faced brick that allows to combine useful properties of wood structure with performance data of stronger material. The walls trimmed with heater usually sheathe subsequently decorative materials which perform also important esthetic function.

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