Secrets of cultivation of gelenium in the open ground

Secrets of cultivation of gelenium in the open ground

Gardeners consider one of the most unpretentious flowers gelenium which has prevailed the name from the sun because it grows in wild look on solar glades, baskets of its flowers turn after the sun and its name comes from Greek "helios" — the sun.

Cultivation of gelenium

The most popular grade - gelenium autumn. The unique yellow shade of its inflorescences has won many hearts. The long-term solar bush in hybrids has gained also other colors.

This perennial loves light and does not love the slightest shadowing. Also he prefers the nutritious soil with the neutral level of acidity and generous watering.

When planning the habitat for solar flower it should be taken into account the following factors also:

  • It grows on densely set flower beds better
  • It is possible to make cascade of gelenium: high to put at background, undersized – on front part
  • The magnificent bush can be planted separately on accurate lawn, it grows to 160 cm, and will be excellent soliter. Modern landscaping uses this reception with success.

Landing of gelenium seeds

It is possible to land it directly in the prepared soil. It is done in the early spring or late fall – term depends on climate of your area. The spring period is suitable for the southern areas more, in more frigid climate the autumn landing approaches.  

For this purpose it is necessary to prepare bed with sand addition if the soil "heavy". To make furrows with distance of 30-35 cm, to put seeds in them not really often because gelenium does not love when it is broken through. As soon as saplings reach the size of 8-10 cm in length, it is possible to break through, leaving 30 cm between plants. If it has turned out to break through accurately, remote saplings can be planted in other place.

Leaving for geleniumy

As it was already noted, gelenium it is unpretentious: rather good loosening and systematic watering. It is good if under bushes the earth is mulched: in this case there will be no need in loosening, and weeds will not grow.

However the solar flower will demand attention in droughty summer: during this period it needs fertilizing by natural organic chemistry – not less than three times during the summer.

Some features

Each 4 years gelenium should be updated because the plant can degenerate, and will not please with former beauty. Reproduction is done, as a rule, late fall, and in the spring the flower will be as young again.

1 way of updatingFor this purpose it is necessary to undermine carefully from all directions root, to get it together with lump, to cut on desirable parts, without shaking the earth.

It is necessary to prepare the holes with humus of 30 cm in depth which are well humidified further and to land in them parts of root of gelenium. You watch that the root neck remained outside, strongly do not bury plant. However consider that the earth will sink, and roots can appear outside – it is wrong too. Water hole that water has passed up to the depth.

2 way of updating. To dig round bush of gelenium at the edges, cutting off shovel extreme parts, and to leave the middle untouched. To land the separated parts on new places, and the scope for development will be remained, and it will rejuvenate too. By the way, bushes of gelenium very quickly expand.

gelenium endures winter with firmness, however for full guarantee it needs to be covered well and if snow is not enough – the shelter needs to be made especially carefully.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team