Secrets of the choice of the glue gun

Secrets of the choice of the glue gun

The glue gun is the tool which is used also by brittle needlewomen in the fakes, and mighty builders when performing complex technical works. By means of this device it is possible to carry out instant pasting of objects when hardening structure within only several seconds.

The most important aspects of the choice of really convenient and effective tool are two factors. The first is speed of warming up of glue stick, and the second – tank capacity in gun.

For example, at so-called melting of rod or capacity for the gluing structure the forced stops can cause lack of power during the work with the tool. Some producers of the similar equipment especially for users with different requirements for expense of energy have developed glue guns with power control which level is established manually.

When choosing the best glue gun in specialized shop it is also necessary to pay attention to temperature condition of the device. And this function is very relevant during the work with thermosensitive materials for which "minimum" and "maximum" are not enough to have extremes, but also the intermediate modes are obligatory.

Really "smart" equipment also possesses indicators of own temperature that allows to prevent possible overheating of the device in time and to switch off it from network.

It is also best of all to choose models with the available sound status indicator of readiness which will signal in time that temperature of glue has reached necessary. This function can prevent damage of the tool as a result of early pressing of trigger of the device. According to responses of users, also availability of the built-in small lamp is relevant for lighting of the working area in the glue gun that is very convenient during the work with hard-to-reach spots of objects. It is worth paying attention and to possibility of change of various nozzles of the glue gun to shorter or, on the contrary, long, wide or narrow. Some models of glue guns from the known manufacturing companies (for example, Bosch or Stayer) are supplied with nipples at the expense of what the quantity of the falling-down drops surplus decreases.

Conveniently and transparent window of work area when it is possible to add the confidence received by own eyes to signal of the status indicator of rasplavka.

Just before purchase it is worth taking the glue gun in hands, to be tried on to as far as it is convenient for your hand whether it is not too heavy and that the most important whether the trigger design approaches your finger. This element of the tool is very important, and possible frequent sliding of finger can significantly do much harm to work process.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team